Birthday[s] Celebration[s]

..with my students, my friends - friends who were my students

Today began at a board game cafe. Was my 1st time hanging out at such a setting, it was simply comfortable and relaxing. I was introduced to a short game of 'Monkey Drop'(quite a crappy game), followed by played-before fun game - 'Taboo'. I like this one as i find that through playing it, i am able to understand a person better.

Dinnertime came quickly and i was brought to an Egg Place. Food being mainly eggs was definitely enjoyable, though nothing to shout about, but it was the idea and effort behind the thought of this destination and the day's event that touches my heart.

Here is SG, when with friends, i eat and drink, then eat and drink. We adjourned to another cafe where the chats continued as well as my thoughts..

In my frank words, i am amazed and most happy to see people from different walks of life coming together. 活在当下, cherish the moment. I feel so blessed to have known many of you. This old man has lots of thoughts and theories you may not agree, so he's keeping it to himself. We parted with smiles.

Last but not least, i went on to meet my buddy's new love for the 1st time. "Hello, nice to meet you." Its the beginning of a new chapter..



Quarter of a century has passed..

This is who i am now.

What have i brought to this world of love, truth and pain?


My World

..turned upside down.


Good Boy

I'm a really good student, wonderful teammate to have for assignments. Only today.

Its amazing I spent so much time doooing 'school' work today.

Its just me. As a student, am hardly so serious, diligent in my jobs.

Keep going Sam! Faster!



I won some, i lost much more.

A line speaks many aspects of me. Only when it'd left that i realized the joy and blessings i once had. Oh my.

Reminiscence is beautiful. I can't bring it to my reality now.

I really wish to be a better man!!