A New Chapter

I have been waiting, praying and hoping that this day will come.
It is finally here! An exciting and different path I'm about to set my foot on.
Thank you God!


Fong & Ong

We finally had a ride together, after i don't know how long.

Was at the other side of Marina, where there's this new park beside a golf course.



I played 3 sets today - pub kind of gig.

The story was: Afwan rang me up 48hours ago to ask if I could stand in today and i said OK, to my own surprise. I was thinking it should be quite easy, just performing a few songs. I will give it a try, get it over and done with quickly and quietly. Then that fellow announced it on FB! Basket.

As i thought about it before show in the evening.. Working with this band for the 1st time, meeting 2 of them for the 1st time, had no rehearsals: ZERO, I was on the piano and not drums: kinda 1st time too, also unsure of the piano model and how to use it's functions. And i didn't know more than half the songs they chose, seriously. To be honest, i was stressed.. Afwan said "Bro.. Just whack ah.."

In the end, i really just whack. Fortunately, it turned out fine. I made some mistakes, hit many wrong notes here and there. But thanks to the band, my friends who came by to support and the relaxing atmosphere they created, it felt just like another jamming session, where we weren't aiming for perfection, instead we were having fun.