Man U's two goals behind..
I'm staying up to see them lose..
Aim for the legs.
Yea i support Man U, but i think Barcelona deserves the win.


Big Stomach Part 2

Oh.. My buddy JY's back!

We had dinner together just now. B and i arranged to meet JY at 7pm. We reached the eating place before him. Hungry us decided to order chicken noodles 1st. Food served, JY no come yet. B and i finished the 2 plates of noodles, JY came. We then each ordered a plate of rice. I ate half portion of my rice, then ordered another plate of hor fun. I cleared the plate of hor fun myself, JY helped me with some rice. That was dinner.

W came along after that. He haven't had dinner. An hour later at 915pm, we accompanied him to makan. I had a plate of black carrot cake, myself again. With milo peng. Wonderful. Food and company. I'm talking bout FOOD again.

At the rate i'm going, running won't help..


Up Day!

This morning, i went for a run under the sun, alone to a destination. So tiring, so hot.
Then played badminton.. Aiyo. Been a while since we played, i mean since i joined them for the game. And i was lousy! Haha.. Wasn't good to begin with, i will improve!
Weather's so super hot today..
2 cans of 100plus, 1 MOS milkshake, 1 mini packet of Anlene, 1 packet of Ribena, a glass of ice chocolate, ice mountain water. 一直喝, 一直喝, 一直喝..
Big stomach, legs ache..


Featuring Giant




好心兄弟.. free labour


Man I Feel Like a

I'm an old man stuck in a young man's body.
Sometimes a feminine character; not sissy.
I can be more naggy than your mum, more playful than your son, more thoughtful than your girlfriend, more look-conscious than your sister(definite not my).

But i like to exercise, running's a necessity in my life at the moment, which i think is a wonderful.

Taking a rest from a slow run.


OK Now

Was in a really impatient mood with serious face a while ago, you wouldn't like to see me like that.
Ok now.
Today's Sunday, but it seemed like i had two hundred and forty-seven things to settle, require immediate attention type and nevermind now but must remember to do later type. Must remember to do this ah, then at the back of my mind it keeps running do this do this while i'm in the process of another task.. Its Sunday, i was trying to rid the area of zombies. So distracted. Sian. Then another voice in me was telling me to take it easy. I know these are little things, just relax.. Count myself lucky man. I think people of huge responsibilities are very zai, like Mr Prime Minister. Sir. Countless major decisions to make, and i don't think he'll be grumpy and irritated and bang the table and slam the door and be a sulker. Imagine. Bang here bang there, makes no sense.

Btw, sorry to those of you around me. I promise to cover my mouth when i cough. Fyi, i'm only coughing. Don't worry? If i'm still not better tomorrow, its time i get a mask.. You can stay away if you're still worried, maybe i should stay away instead.


Random Pics

I can't recognize me from the back but it's me.

That's my buddy who's out of town and i miss him so. Think Gene too.

I'll be guest judging for a few episodes of this season's SS show, the exact dates i'm not sure. I think some of you may go to watch, and i know there are occasions that you spend a lot of time waiting. Thank you..


The Procrastinator

Welcome to May.
How much time has been wasted?
How much more time's gonna be mis.spend?