Edited on 11.4.09

Last night's supper at Prata Place '10.4.09
- maggi goreng, milo tarik and milky prata and papadum
I've been here 好几次了, GREAT tasting especially this time.

Today's dinner at Xin Wang HK Cafe '11.4.09
- mee sua with fish and egg, a glass of hot honey and luncheon meat with egg sandwich
还不错, contented.

Bored of eating the same stuff always?
If you don't mind us having the same food as you from the same place unlikely at the same time, please share..

body will blame you if the food's not up to standard.

Eighteen Chefs? We all know that one already!

I went to Cuppage straight after this post. '8.4.09
我偷吃了 1 GYOZA.. Supposed to be 6 in a serving.

Thank you all for the inputs, keep them coming anytime if you may.


Sam Wong said...

OHSHO Singapore.
Japanese food at Cuppage Plaza.
Gyoza? Ramen?
The fried rice's great.

YUJING said...

..but it may be farrr for you or anyone out ther oh.

Boon Lay :D
- Fishball Noodles (Close early though, 9pm.)
- Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak(Anyone heard this before? Quite popular. Open @ 8pm, close @ mid-night.)
- Hokkien Mee (Open @ normal timing, close @ 10+ 11pm.)
- Penang Laksa (Open @ normal timing, close @ 12am.)

&& last but not least
Sugarcane Juice, #01-115:D
okay this drink stall is rent by my parents(5years alr), its pure one okay! pure meaning, some sugarcane stalls may add in extra sugar(to make it sweeter), entra colour(to make it nicer) and also water(to earn more) which is all not good to our health! so yea, as for our stall, its totally pureee(: nothing added. not trying to “老黄卖瓜,自卖自夸”okay.. ha, anyone reading, do drop by and you'll know:D

& ther's also one place selling "Chicken Chop Noodle(鸡扒面)" which is really DELICIOUS! shall check out the place and let you know again:D

opps* & Sam, do drop by any if you'r nearby Boon Lay, ha! jiayou urh.. looking forward for 24thhh:D

gene said...

#02-02/03 Valley Point Shopping Centre

thirtycents87 said...


surprisingly u won't get fat from eatin so much . . .

and from all the suppers u've had every now and then . . .

MIKO(: said...

i'll share too!
Hainanese Delights (i think)
at Far East Plaza.

nice chicken rice.
they only have steamed chicken though.

yay sam is also a food-kia. ^5

JC said...

haha, u dint.. bt ur eyes did. nah it dint affected me, i still gav u a smile bac thoug. :) gna see u on the concert day thn. heh.. anw sg is soooo small everywhr is selling the same food. :)

u cn try bedok simpang, there gt this bbq food or so i think. :)

wei said...

shokudo at raffles city.
duck rice across bugis junction.
i love nuggets from mos burger ha!
Katong's always good..

Pek Choo said...

Hahax~ You can try Sunset way which located at Clementi the Japanese food and there are quite alot of varieties to choose.

angie said...

U know what!? My colleague sitting beside me told me to go and see a doc..cos he suspects that I've got EATING DISORDER!! Siao ar!

Ministry of Food(MOF)--Bugis Junction..love the desserts..food is lovely..embience is cozy..
Botanic Garden's food court--indonesian duno-wat chicken rice..bagus!!
Thomson..next to long house..sanba chicken rice..shiok!!
Geylang..can't rem which street..near lavendar mrt..spicy frogleg porridge..wonderful!
TPY..Kopitiam--LuRouFan...hao chi!!
TPY lor8..curry fish-head...nice nice!!
Rocky Master..Plaza Sing & street near raffles hotel..pasta..creamy best!..love the devil's brew..
TPY..coffee shop near to braddell mrt..yongtaofu..specially yummy..muz call to order one u noe?!..

desparately searching..herbal turtle soup & taiwanese smelly toufu!! where! where! where!



Anonymous said...

Prata!! @ bukit merah (opp beauty world) esp the cheese & mushroom.. =)

jap food outside cuppage plaze, their "tian jin fan" not bad also.. i think they taste better last time.. -___-;

MOF Good also but quite ex.


syl said...

um, the western food at ABC market along bukit merah there is not bad..
large amt. think it's called wild wild west or something similar! haha! almost like botak jones. =)

Jean said...

Meehoonkuey at CITY plaza?
Been eating it since young,it is nice~i brought my friends there,all like it too..hehex=DDD

ps:Quite a ulu place too i guess?not sure u know where is it not~hahas=D

Jane said...

Thanks Sam Wong for sharing. :)

Hmm not sure if u guys and gals try the botak jones before? I did eat it 1 time and i think is not bad.

Drink more water. Jiayou & take good care. :D

mm said...

i am a boring person. i love to eat the same food at different places. chicken rice! boon tong kee is most sedap! must dabao to get a better deal. eat there, the rice so little, cant fill the stomach. 5 stars also good. lucky plaza also hv a good stall on 3rd/4th flr, corner unit. cant recall the name.

qing qing said...


- tampines round market has nice yong tau foo. the sauce is quite unique, but 有一点甜.

- one of the hawker centers in ang mo kio sells nice 炒虾面.

- amara hotel cakes are 超赞!

Jess said...

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ
Meat's well marinated and their fried pancake's a must try =)

♥ YUJING said...


Killney Road
somewhere near Tiong Bahru; train to Tiong Bahru, take bus 195, then drop @ the 7th stop. turn left, walk straight and turn right.. walk straight. you'll see some coffee shops, & more shops selling FOODSSS:9
The Coffee Shop;
- Lor Mee
- Prawn Noodle

The Chicken Shop;
- Chicken Rice
- 鸡丝何粉
- Wanton Mee.

The Prata Shop;
- Paper(Super Crispy Prata)
- Prata w/ Egg
& more lurhs.

opposite the road, there's a Singtel building. take the lift to B1, which is the food court.
- Chicken Chop
- Fish fillet
- Wanton Mee
- Grill Chicken w/ Rice.

yepyep, YUMMYYUMMY:9

flo said...

Fish head hotpot at Whampoa Hawker Center. There are 2 hawkers center there, this one is next to the wet market. Only a couple of stores open in the night, not like the other hawker center. But out of the few store, 90% of the customers went there for the fish head hotpot. Must go early, preferable before 6pm, else you will have to wait for one hour or more for your food. And selection of fish will be limited too.

Sam Wong said...

Pure one! Which part of Boon Lay, Yujing?

You'll be surprised to see the food-kia's tummy.

Wei, what in Katong's always good? I frequent the Hong Kong Cafe there cos of its ambience and cos it opens late.

Angie, MOF's the same one at Marina Sq? Maybe you should see a doc. HAHA.

Agreed, Krist.

No verr, i didn't but i will.

MM, i'm quite similar. Always return to places i'm comfortable with. Da bao for better deal sounds good.

Wei said...

Aston's! haha. directly across the road from katong mall. and of course laksa and chicken rice and nyonya snacks along that stretch of road...

♥ YUJING said...


BoonLay Hawker Centre, BLK.. I forgot-.-|
But I can give direction! Train down to BoonLay MRT Station, take bus 240. Hmm.. let me count.. 4th stop! yep, drop @ the 4th stop then you'll see the hawker center! The look left, look right, cross the road; *DA DANG* you're @ BoonLay Hawker Center alr! *EEEEE* :D Then start looking for stall no. #01-115, yes & you'll see PURE Sugarcane Juice:D

Enjoy your journey people (: Wanna come? Tell me; so I can be there also.. HA!

Anonymous said...

hey guys,
dun go to Heeren shokudo juz is more expensive than Raffles city.
coz i work there b4.

Anonymous said...

Ooh i saw u just now... towards PS ~


to Angie :
Geylang have afew place sells turtle soup..one of the most popular is opp HDB flat. =)

Geylang have alot good food.


Jane said...

Wow yujing u share alot of it. Haha thanks for all the nice intro of the foods & drink. Oh i heard Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak before. Haha. If i am not wrong Causeway Point coldstorage there also have Power Nasi Lemak.

binz said...

yea i agree that food from MOF@bugis is nice! and the ambiance quite nice also(:

`Katong shopping centre B1 foodcourt the chicken rice very nice!

`Bedok North Blk 85 market! half the market is like open in the morning then half the market open at night.. at night business super good on fri & weekend. the night market stalls have got like all sorts of awards for food like ba chor mee, orh lua, carrot cake, hokkien mee, bbq food, porridge etc..

`Bedok reservoir blk 700+ coffee shop opposite damai and bedok west pri sch the teochew porridge/caifan also nice! i eat there like 4/5days a week! they got this traditional tasting fried caipu egg that they put on bamboo basket after they cook it, then will have the very traditional taste..

angie said...

yeah, same one at marina sq.
latest found--nasi padan at binja park, the coffee shop near the junction.

alexandra village, bak gu tei, beef noodles, prawn mee and avocado drink.

boon lay..far..?

JIAHUI said...

OOSH! A restaurant bar located at dempsey road. However, the food there is made of gold although it taste heavenly. Super expensive. One tiny glass of juices cost 7 bucks(w/o service charge and etc). Haha~ You can try it out. With nice & romantic ambience :)

JC said...

there's one.. East Coast ZEN - which sells all the jap cuisine.. exp bt great food serves there! :)

min. x)) said...

yesyes, binz! bedok blk 85! :)
western food, stingray, carrot cake, tangyuan~


kent road there has a hawker centre with nicenice fried rice! cheap and good. (:

singyin said...

Chicken rice stall opp Bukit Timah shopping centre.

syl said...

i think the 锅贴 at '馮記' is really superb! located at the hawker at people's park complex.
dun go to the restaurant though.. cos gst charges. the hawker one no have. HAH!

MIKO(; said...

lol. i will need to keep this good food list too. (;

anyways, one more to share

heard it's really ah lian selling bee hoon thats y its called ah lian bee hoon -_- (i've nvr been there cause it's always ppl da bao for me, lol)

it's at the 24hr coffeechop beside pioneer mrt! (:

the plain bee hoon is nice on it's own! with chilli and luncheon meat, egg, sausage etc (u choose what liao to add) woah. heavenly!

N said...

TONG SHUI CAFE!! Airport T3 has one. Uhm ... BADOQUE at Simpang Bedok has Italian dishes or something, I fink. No GST, no service charge aye.

angie said...

To anonymous:
tks for turtle soup tip..i've tried one at geylang..duno where..at the side coffee shop..it's nice. Not sure where is the one facing HDB. Will hunt for it.

Geylang..fried beef horfun

Near to textile centre at north bridge road/lavender..the coffee shop near the junction by the mosque..the Yu Tou Lu is super nice. Not so much MSG. Super nice Xia Jiang Chicken.

Island creamery at serence centre, and udders at the side next to united square..super nice ice cream.

TONG SHUI at T3..tried..nice ambience..

Nice place but quite pricey:
The streeters at Kaik Siak Street..mediterrean cuisine, nice finger tip bites..romantic..

Now, looking for good spicy claypot mah you qi..where??

fang said...

do you stay at the east area? old airport road hawker has a good dessert stall! their cheng teng has lots of ingredients and it only cost $1.20. It's located at the last row, i'll take down the unit no the next time.

pekchoo said...

Blk 22 Havelock Road,

Can go try the Fried Char Kway Tiao...

The food there is famous and nice.

liting said...

I know where have cheap and nice food..
Dont know whether you got go to LuckyPlaza to eat the abalone and sharkfin soup.. And it is quite cheap, around $5.50 you will fill up ur stomach.. :)) Erm, it is at 3rd floor if I am not wrong.. Got rabbit zao pai.. :) Erm, the IWeekly got post this shop.. You can try to find out.. Sorry..

Erm, next is the TheSoupSpoons at RafflesCity.. Basement1 Unit 75/76.. :)

If you like buffet style, and dont mind it is expensive, you can try the Ikoi Japanese Restaurant at 401 Havelock Road
#01-01 Hotel Miramar. Price wise is $35-45.. :)

YUJING said...

): bad news.
Pure Sugarcane closing down on May. "He Yue" dao le, dad didn't want to continue): its a 5 years business! and it'll be gone just like this..

mm said...

Rem 1 more great chicken place! the samsui ginger chicken fr the soup restaurant is to die for. then if u like ducks, dian xiao er has the shi quan kau ya also delish plus the fatty kong ba. super unhealthy but tastes heavenly! jus ate dat last week, std like drop dat day but usually is good.
Zero in on tpy,
1. duck noodles store in the middle (not the one at the corner hor) near the kok kok noodle. tink is hidden behind the bossini.
2. bak chor mee opp courts
3. pisang goreng by side of rd, near the library side. everytime i go, always manned by pretty girls. go take a look! :D never bluff u, anytime hv a bad day, go buy a pisang goreng fr the pretty girl, ure day becomes better. haha