Thank you. For encouraging me.
Perhaps its alright to whine once in a while, feel em0 and cry or grumble. But after that, get up and get on with life ya. I'm back. At least i was truly happy last night.
I went to our friend Alvin's wedding. Yes, he's the always cheerful drummer. He and Mrs Alvin certainly spent a lot of effort in preparing last night's dinner, an entertaining and memorable one. Delicious food, cute videos of the loving couple and old friends from the bands seated around the table. I'm not a crowd, party kind of person, but i enjoyed the company around me. I was me, crappin quite a bit.

After the dinner, 5 of us went to the SAT3 for a drink..

Peaceful airport at 2am.

Relaxing, resting..

Coffee's here!

Ahhhh... Nice..



Are you ok?
But why?
Nothing la, just feeling sian lor..
Why are you feeling sian?
Don't know lei, just sian lor..

This conversation's common ya?
Often, this person is not feeling sian, he is actually annoyed or upset or troubled about something but choose to keep it within himself. At times i am like that too, not very healthy right?

Right at this moment, 5am? I'm feeling a little sian. Why? I don't know.. But if i search deep within, i know that i know.. I just don't wanna say it. NO, i am not seeking attention. Then why am i saying all these? Just feel like it. I'm a person who likes to have alot of space, freedom, privacy. And i usually show everyone the positive side of life. Even on this blog, i try to post only happy and crappy stuff, nothing negative and nothing that is deep and personal. Seems as though my life is just about fun and being happy and everyone being happy.(i realised i'm slowly losing this style) No i don't think i'm being fake. Then again, somebody once told me : Whether you like it or not, everyone is a little bit fake at times. Lets face it, applies to me as well. OK, i accept. It actually goes back to my mentality of wishing to live in a perfect, peaceful world..

I've got to learn to let go.. I always relax. Yes i always make time to relax, but am i really relaxed? Maybe only on the surface, but the truth is i haven't released whatever baggage i'm carrying. This one i really don't know..

Having said all these that i think isn't so positive, i still hope to encourage YOU. Yes, i got my own set of problems and worries. At work, relationship with others etc.. That's part of living. We will have to do our best to solve issues and improve situations.. At least try.. Things will work out somehow..

Anyway, its coming to 6am soon and Sam who is not a late night person is talking so much now. Don't know how much of it makes sense.. I'm going to bed le.


My Favourite Pic

Usual 'ride bicycle to' site - Upper Peirce Reservoir.
Lots of memories here.. At least 7 years ago?
Those days after school, i'll head home straight, put aside my school bag, and prepare to have fun. My dear buddies and i would ride our bicycles to this place where there is a quiet park, few people, some monkeys, huge grass space, water.. We played all sorts of nonsense here. Football, tennis ball, remote-control plane, "see who is the fastest to run up the super steep slope", who's the 1st to roll down or push your bike up the slope which i think is so dangerous now.. When we played football, and at times it'll fly into the water. If it was near the land-who kick who take. If too far, then its a gg.

How i miss those days.. I didn't have to worry about my future. Maybe i didn't know how to.

This was taken many months ago when i went out cycling alone. Bout 530pm if i didn't remember wrongly. I sat by the reservoir without my t-shirt on, exposing my thin body and a small tummy to the sun. Sun-tanning.. Can i do that again soon please?



Who invented music?

Nobody knows. Music has been around since before humans came into existence. Birds sing, water drips, leaves rustle, fire crackles, and so on. Caveman used to make music. It wasn't "invented" but discovered. Everyone hums, taps, snaps, beats, etc. Music goes as far back as human existence. No one single person can be credited with "inventing" music. Music has existed since prehistoric times and predates the written word.

We all love music. Whatever kind of music - loud, soft, heavy, country, jazz, rock, blues, world, metal, ballad, folk, international.. And on and on and on.. Can you say that the genre i like is nice, and what you listen to is boring? Or can you say that i listen to more high class music than you? I don't think so. Its subjective. Different preferences ba. No doubt some music cost more than the others, because of branding? Or the atmosphere of the environment? Or occasions these music caters to?

I've watched before a concert in the Esplanade's theatre, damn good sounding. Almost the perfect place to enjoy music.

I've watched concerts at the indoor and outdoor stadium, and Expo. Happening, very high throughout, was also enjoyable.

I've stood beside a handicap man singing and playing his guitar at the crowded underpass of Orchard road. The simplest tune from him at that moment could be nothing less compared to those mentioned earlier.

Music affect one's mood. On different occasions, a song will get to you in a different way. This song never fails to touch me..
张学友 -


I've definitely not covered the whole of Singapore. Anyone got interesting places to share?

Singapore's SO0o small.
Small small small.
There's kinda not many interesting stuff in this country. LIMITED, SO FEW, ALMOST NOTHING! Or maybe i just can't find..
And when its like that, at times i will entertain myself with the slightest amusing thing i find..

Cool brown cat tanning at the void-deck.

Skinny cat half-squat on the center table of a food court, ignoring the human race and staring at me savouring cajun fries. No i didn't share my food.

Why is it that i always take pictures of cats? Probably because there are many of them here and i bump into them pretty often.

Back to the topic of small. Small country Singapore. OK I'M NOT COMPLAINING.
How can i complain when we live in such a peaceful country? Away from natural disasters. I should be thankful to be here. Yes i am.. Thank you Singapore.

I wish to see more things!!
I wish to travel the world!!
I wish for world peace!!
I think alot of people also has the same wish.
I wish all our wishes will be fufilled..


Wake up!

I've been so occupied with many things. Not all of them are significant though. Whatever~ I will squeeze time out for cycling - no.1 pastime, even if at the cost of precious sleep. On 8.11.08, alarm rang at 7am. I got up reluctantly, woke my buddy up. Its a Saturday morning.. LETS GO CYCLING!

1st stop - Breakfast.
While we were enjoying laksa and milo peng, it began to drizzle.
Fortunately, the rain stopped after bout 15mins?
Off to east coast park..

Hour glass that's not working.

"Plein Air" by Delia Prvacki
-Ceramic and Mosaic stone cast

Trying to pose while trying not to fall..


That's my buddy!

Camo cat, threatened face.

The early hours of a day are so valuable, i'm satisfied with how i spent mine on this day. -_-



Since i woke up so early today..

Hard-boil eggs got smooth white skin..

Ingredients : Eggs, butter, mayo, salt, (black) pepper

Egg sandwich with coffee!


Just Whack

I reached destination 1st due to totally unforeseen circumstances. Many were waiting for us. A guitar was waiting for me. Bo bian, just get up stage and whack lor. Didn't have time to think of the most appropriate songs to sing. Instead, whatever titles that appeared in my blank mind came out of my mouth. No sound check. No warm up. I've got to improved on my 临场反应.

無形的翅膀- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDUQe330Xa4

愛相隨- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYRIbDS0qyY

全世界失眠- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-KcuSASzjs

Thank you again for being there with me.

Thank You MK for uploading.

More about HOTA :


Piece Of Art

Long day, with a twist of events, so unexpected.
I'm exhausted. But i'm thankful.

All time favourite snack.
The flavour hits me.
Packaging too.
I can't bear to eat it.

(credits to Syl and Min)