Piece Of Art

Long day, with a twist of events, so unexpected.
I'm exhausted. But i'm thankful.

All time favourite snack.
The flavour hits me.
Packaging too.
I can't bear to eat it.

(credits to Syl and Min)


Rah said...

understooded wad u mean. cause read the experiences on mlb blog le..=/ anyway sam pls take care kaes..(: sorry couldn't be dere to see u guys..seen the wrong date instead. sigh=( blur me..

rest well ya. =)

min. x)) said...

:) :) :)
rest well!

syl said...

SAM! you did very very very great ytd!! super thumbs up for you man!! how brave to sing without your bros on stage! =D=D

anyway, haven tasted the chips b4 too. u eat leh. then tell us nice anot. HAHA!

rest well k! =)

oh, and the fren i mentioned is.. the second tagger of this entry! =P

Jane said...

Hope ytd u enjoy urself at there too. Hehe. U did well just that u are nervous when u sing shi jie ma fan jie guo yi xie. Can understand that u perform without ur bros around and with quite alot of ppl looking will felt nervous but u are better when u sing 2nd song onwards.

The chips look nice. Haha. Yah u eat and tell us whether is it nice or not. Rest well woh. =]

capri said...

woo... tat's cool!

shall go see links for ytd's performance.

-WHEY` said...

you really did a great job yesterday though it was super impromptu.. you looked stunned for a second and next, you sang confidently :D


Anonymous said...

where u buy the samboy teebits from???

singyin said...

hey Sam, great job at vivo!
its so nice okay and we enjoyed it :D
See you soon k :D

Pek Choo said...

sam wong,

take care & rest well =)

qIaNhUi said...


yavonda said...

You did great! =D
Am so happy for you!

qIaNhUi said...

U Did Really Great La, Dun Worry...