Short Short Update

I went on a short holiday to Taiwan and Hong Kong this January. A simple getaway that was cold and wet. I wore a jacket daily, and sometimes spectacles. I bought 3 bags, 3 belts and 3 pairs of shoes from the night markets, that's about it..
Far right - that's me. Happy Chinese New Year!


Last of 2011

As i ponder on the year's events, was reminded again of how blessed I am..

Till now, i am still healthy despite my unhealthy lifestyle and i thank God for that. I've a comfortable place to call home. I feel loved by the people around me; this includes my immediate family, my girlfriend, my godpa, my buddies, my thoughtful students who are my friends, my church mates and some who i meet up time to time for meals and catch-up chats.

People are the most precious things and i treasure them. In the years to come, i wish that i will be able to bless all of you people in my life.

Just a little on 31 Dec itself. In the past years, this day and the few days before were burnt. I will be running around, mainly for rehearsals and performances at countdown shows.. I enjoyed most part of those, hanging out with the band and friends, other performers, and our wonderful supporters aka Mlbians.

This year, i kinda got to stay home in peace and quietness, except for the wedding dinner i attended just now.. And it just feels like something is missing..

Anyway. Happy new year. Its 2012.