Last of 2011

As i ponder on the year's events, was reminded again of how blessed I am..

Till now, i am still healthy despite my unhealthy lifestyle and i thank God for that. I've a comfortable place to call home. I feel loved by the people around me; this includes my immediate family, my girlfriend, my godpa, my buddies, my thoughtful students who are my friends, my church mates and some who i meet up time to time for meals and catch-up chats.

People are the most precious things and i treasure them. In the years to come, i wish that i will be able to bless all of you people in my life.

Just a little on 31 Dec itself. In the past years, this day and the few days before were burnt. I will be running around, mainly for rehearsals and performances at countdown shows.. I enjoyed most part of those, hanging out with the band and friends, other performers, and our wonderful supporters aka Mlbians.

This year, i kinda got to stay home in peace and quietness, except for the wedding dinner i attended just now.. And it just feels like something is missing..

Anyway. Happy new year. Its 2012.


binz said...

seems like we werent the only ones feeling something missing cause of no countdown gig!

Jean said...

Yeah! Whoohoo! 2012 gonna be a better year! :))) all the best in everything you do!:)

syl said...

have a good start! happy new year! :)

Sam Wong said...