Rain And Burns

I already knew it would rain, nevertheless we decided to go ahead.
Less than 1km away from home, the skies signaled me to turn back..

But instead, i moved forward at a faster pace..

Reached ECP, so glad that the rain haven't attack us. But as i looked out to the sea, the rain was clearly visible.

Immediately we thought of mac for shelter. Who doesn't know there's a mac at ECP?
We stayed there for an hour(makan) before the heavy rain stopped..
Then the sun came back so strong that the ground was almost dry in 30min and my skin was red when i got home.

Don't expect too much from a mobile phone cam, 随便拍的..


Monday High

Yesterday was a PLAY day.
We ran 5km in the morning, super tiring for me, the feeling was super shiok! Never knew i could still run non-stop for half an hour.
Cycling is different, even a whole day is fine with me.
Then a simple lunch - a bowl of chicken noodles with a lot of pork lard(unhealthy but i like) + 2 glasses of homemade barley that was not made in my home.
Tea break at MOS. Nuggets, soft and tender fries and a vanilla milk shake! Wonderful!
Next was the sinful part.. Straight 5 hours of gaming.. Dinner skipped.. Somemore lost all games we played.. Oh.. I'm not a gamer, but it was pretty fun.. Was a little giddy after that. Ended the day with supper at the Katong HK Cafe.

Looking forward to tomorrow's outing with Giant, it BETTER NOT RAIN.



I just got home. 1st thing i did is to switch on the laptop.
24-4-2009 - a day to remember.
I was nervous, i was encouraged, i was totally stiff-ed, i was joyful, i was touched, i am so thankful for everything and everyone.
A few times today my eyes were teary, but i didn't cry la. If i did, it would have been tears of joy. Because of my yawning too.
Its just amazing la - i kept hearing myself say this..
I wanna thank again, all the people around me for the kindness they have shown to me, and to us.



There goes another week.. Fast and not furious.. Time waits for no men, no women..
My week was quite peaceful, no big action, no accidents, no pain. My broken thumb nail's healing fine, though still looks awful.


SS show

Somehow something was different today, the vibes i received from most of the same surroundings were weird. It felt cold. I wished it was just the weather, or because of my flu. Could have been i'm tired since i slept only 4 hours this morning i told myself. Yes i am. And i'm feeling a litttttttttle worrisome, over this and that. It'll be alright.

Back to the show - Ok, the usual good hosting from two i respect, cute entertaining(some) kids, big money i wished i won but didn't, straight forward games, performance by a foriegn artiste.

I think we all have grown..

I'll use the word 'mild' to describe tonight. I wanted nothing at all, perhaps only peace and quietness.



Edited on 11.4.09

Last night's supper at Prata Place '10.4.09
- maggi goreng, milo tarik and milky prata and papadum
I've been here 好几次了, GREAT tasting especially this time.

Today's dinner at Xin Wang HK Cafe '11.4.09
- mee sua with fish and egg, a glass of hot honey and luncheon meat with egg sandwich
还不错, contented.

Bored of eating the same stuff always?
If you don't mind us having the same food as you from the same place unlikely at the same time, please share..

body will blame you if the food's not up to standard.

Eighteen Chefs? We all know that one already!

I went to Cuppage straight after this post. '8.4.09
我偷吃了 1 GYOZA.. Supposed to be 6 in a serving.

Thank you all for the inputs, keep them coming anytime if you may.


Ever Changing

I went for a run at branch time, 1st run since last year's IPPT. Yea i think so.. I was lousy! Eeee Sam b0 stamina.. Haha. Its ok. At least i tried. Will do better next time. Give me bicycle la!

Intense sunlight.
2pm Dark skies threatened to harm our wet clothes waiting to dry.
230pm Painful droplets with thunders louder than drums.
4pm Sunshine after the rain..
"You're the cure against my fear and my pain"


Late Meal

Though home late, i still went out with Giant 2 nights in a row, to get some food for the empty stomach. Technically dinner/perhaps supper looking at the time - past 11pm. We went to a nearby hawker centre, a 'lok kok' and not the cleanest environment, one of my favourite supper place. I had carrot cake both nights, i eat that all the time i'm there. But as i was eating my food last night and looking at the surrounding, i noticed ... that i didn't pay much attention to before. I see the hawkers cooking, serving, clearing, cleaning the stall.. They looked tired, quite listless. Some seemed really bored of what they were doing.
伟大的小贩. Without these people, i may not find real food to fill my stomach after midnight.