Final Year Exam

The last week of 2011.

Have I achieved my goals for the year?
Have I given my best for people around me?
What are the things I could have done better?




My 4th ICT

I dread receiving SAF 100 and the thought of having to book in, again. But somehow after the 1st night of sleeping in camp at the faraway Sungei Gedong, i kinda appreciate this feeling of living away from urban life. No television, no computer, no window shopping, no drums, guitar or piano, no ladies, no iPhone(supposedly).

Reservist is very different from serving NS, in terms of the way we work and treat one another. Seeing my friends grow and make progress each year reminds me that i have to work hard too. My next aim is to earn lots of $ and stay as fit as i can. Err.. Its a very generic goal that's probably similar to everyone else.


New Job?

3rd session ended with much food for thought..

It all began when D rang me up one day and asked if I was keen to form a group with him and earn extra cash as that entity. I thought to myself, on top of that reason, I have to enjoy what I was going to do. Then it moved fast..

I kinda enjoy this but I am not doing well enough, yet. At the same time, they are totally not too.
Time isn't on our side, there's so much more I need to do and they need to do.

Things are very different from the past, but still down to the same aim.
Very good music is what we must produce.


Birthday[s] Celebration[s]

..with my students, my friends - friends who were my students

Today began at a board game cafe. Was my 1st time hanging out at such a setting, it was simply comfortable and relaxing. I was introduced to a short game of 'Monkey Drop'(quite a crappy game), followed by played-before fun game - 'Taboo'. I like this one as i find that through playing it, i am able to understand a person better.

Dinnertime came quickly and i was brought to an Egg Place. Food being mainly eggs was definitely enjoyable, though nothing to shout about, but it was the idea and effort behind the thought of this destination and the day's event that touches my heart.

Here is SG, when with friends, i eat and drink, then eat and drink. We adjourned to another cafe where the chats continued as well as my thoughts..

In my frank words, i am amazed and most happy to see people from different walks of life coming together. 活在当下, cherish the moment. I feel so blessed to have known many of you. This old man has lots of thoughts and theories you may not agree, so he's keeping it to himself. We parted with smiles.

Last but not least, i went on to meet my buddy's new love for the 1st time. "Hello, nice to meet you." Its the beginning of a new chapter..



Quarter of a century has passed..

This is who i am now.

What have i brought to this world of love, truth and pain?


My World

..turned upside down.


Good Boy

I'm a really good student, wonderful teammate to have for assignments. Only today.

Its amazing I spent so much time doooing 'school' work today.

Its just me. As a student, am hardly so serious, diligent in my jobs.

Keep going Sam! Faster!



I won some, i lost much more.

A line speaks many aspects of me. Only when it'd left that i realized the joy and blessings i once had. Oh my.

Reminiscence is beautiful. I can't bring it to my reality now.

I really wish to be a better man!!



Looking back on the things i've done..

I laugh, i feel proud, i feel embarrassed, i have regrets.

My life is a little part of yours.

Really thank all the wonderful souls who entered into mine at some point or another. I wish to bless you too.


Double Chin

"2am.. And the rain is falling.. Here we are, at the crossroads once again.."

Was just singing.. That's one good song.

I went to T3 after piano lesson at 10pm, for supper - which was merely an excuse to get out. We sat down at Ya Kun; had coffee, eggs and toast. A nice conversation over coffee is what i enjoy most. Sometimes it is when someone who used to be around often moves out then you make the effort for a get-together, and then you learn more about that person which you never knew before.

Journey home was really fast as the roads were empty.. My bed is empty too, time to occupy it.



I just recalled i have this space.

About halfway through the course, as fast as can be, ain't as bad as i thought this would be. Doing this now and 10years back is seriously different. Couldn't foresee the possible importance of certain choices i made, never measured opportunity cost accurately, pure stubbornness.

Young people gotta try to learn as much when young. Yes i'm young.


Fine Line

I don't want to compromise on standards.
Got to watch myself.
Do not be arrogant, learn to give space.
Learn humility.




What has happened to the city and United Kingdom? Reports suggest its the doing of the young people, destroying things their parents built.
Where is the ethical anchor in these guys? Is this a result of welfare given by the state?



Buck Up

The road ahead is far from visible, though i kinda know its gonna be mostly up-slopes, in every aspect i know about. Excited and anxious, only at times. I certainly need to find my momentum, haven't got it.

Thank God for all that i am and have, am very blessed.



- happiness with one's situation in life.






. ..

With facebook, who actually still blogs?

Agreeable or conscientious?

Somehow don't like to hear myself being tired cos i feel that i'm doing too little.

After 8 years, though managed to get it done. Not proud of it lei..



There's actually so much to say about Eighteen Chefs.
Number 1, Benny aka Uncle Benny. Even before the 1st branch was opened, he prepared a scramble eggs cheese baked rice for me. It was awesome.
A business is a business, but behind all of it lies a story- of its people, of its origins, that makes it more interesting than just great good.



The Little Things

For the past hour, I was busy killing cockroaches.
Killed 11 in total. ELEVEN. I'm serious. OMG. Its a record. 4 tiny ones and 7 big, some could fly.

The story..
As I came out of my shower, heard noises coming from the cupboard under the sink where the rubbish chute is. I opened the cupboard and realised.. Somebody forgot to close the chute, which allowed those intruders into my kitchen. And then one by one, appeared in front of my eyes, running around the kitchen floor like kids at the playground. When I got rid of the first 2, another one comes out. While I was waiting for no.3 to stop moving(after I sprayed at it), baby ones appeared. And it went on and on.

Thank God for bygone.



I lost my wallet today. Sigh.

Its Monday, Monday

..How ya feeling today Sam?

Pretty pleased with myself. Except very sleepy now..

Why so sleepy?

Got up at 640am today.

For what sia?

I had breakfast alone at Mac..

So how was classes?

Alright, the boys were cute. Sang very well for their age. Smart kids, teachable too.

You teach singing too?!

Yes I guess, since they're learning from me..

And piano right?

Yea, pop piano.

I wanna learn!

I don't believe you.

When are you going overseas?



Morning Rush

Common as it is, I don't get to experience this often because I'm usually still hiding under the blanket. But I did today! Got up before 7am. Standing at the bus stop, waiting for a bus that may not stop cos its already full. Even if it does, only the people who stand in front gets to squeeze themselves in. Time seems to precious when all of us are rushing. Alright, when I finally passed the bus challenge, next is the train challenge. Fortunately, this one is faster. In the train, I have many brothers and sisters. We stand close to one another, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm. At the interchange, we walk fast beside each other to the other platform.


Man In The Mirror

Waiting for the my hair to be trimmed.

The coming week will be start of a new chapter in this life. A short period of hard work will bring me to a different level. No disappointments allowed. Jia You!



Breaking the language barrier.


My Nephew

A new story has just began. This was 1st time I carried an infant, 1 day old. It was pleasant, heartwarming, so delightful. He is truly adorable. I am so proud of my sister and bro-in-law, for the discipline, courage and patience they have displayed throughout the past months. This is it.

May this little one grow up to be a healthy and good man.


Uncle Sam

My sis gave birth few hours ago.
I'm just back from the hospital.
My nephew looks lovely.
The whole episode is amazing.
Anxiety, pain, touching, joy.



A really long day..

I voted.
Took lunch and 'walked the ground'.
Got home and watch the HK drama.
Had a short, enjoyable music practice.
Then.. Went down to a home studio where we did some vocal recording, I directed it! Wow.. Can't wait for the end product. No, it isn't my/our album. I'm just playing a part in the process you don't usually see. Writing, arrangement ideas, backing vocals etc.
Then came results' time. Gathered at Mr Koh's house.
This round is over. Winners, losers.. Well, I think many of them left with a heavy heart.



Doctors, hawkers and homemakers are talking about it.
We think, it is good to know what is happening in our country.
A singer shared a song. Pretty funny.

I'm not saying who's good or not for us ya..
There ain't no hidden meaning.
Choose wisely. Its in your hands.

I'll stand for the country, in 5 years time.


That's Life

Eventful week I had. Includes.

Gathering with schoolmates from 10 years ago. Reflections.
Enjoyable lessons with sensible students. Achievements.
Very late nights from being good company. Tiredness, still worthwhile.

The down side.
My 91 year old grandpa had a fall yesterday. Seen a doctor. Fortunately, it ain't serious. Thank God.
I had a fall today. No visible scratches, pain inside upon certain movements now. Fortunately, I believe it ain't serious too.

Things happen without warning, consequences you can't foresee or control.
That's life.



This thing sort of belongs to me. But, I failed to take ownership due to many of 'my' reasons. Didn't want to spend my time there. Bad. So bad. Its late now. But never too late.

I want to take up this task.
I have no idea how to do.
I am going to do it.
I pray for perseverance.



A good one needs strong fire to fry, best with rice from overnight.
This bowl of rice was Sunday's dinner.

Oil, garlic, eggs, jap soya sauce, pepper, beef slices, spring onion.


No Comments

What's wrong with me?
What is wrong with me?
What's wrong with you?



View great, feel great.
Professional busker
Cycles for rental
1st & last meeting with cool air - Heathrow
Budget room for a single man
Shopping Spree!
The scary bathroom


Good dream. bad throat. fried noodles.

I sat upright on my bed at 420am.. Woke up from a dream that I was glad to be in, totally realistic. Alex Chew(my classmate then) and I was chatting anxiously, at the school canteen, waiting for our teacher Mrs Carol Yap to appear with the 'O' level results. Familiar voices traveling under the tuck shop roof echoing in my ears, my other schoolmates also dying to collect their results. Only weird part was that I drove to school. Don't ask me why. Anyway I never got to the collection part. Too disturbed by my painful throat I had to get up. Staggered out of my bedroom, found dad who was watching soccer outside, Liverpool vs. Braga. Ignored him, water was what I needed most. Drank some, didn't helped, I went back to sleep.

Officially woke up at 730am, as planned, to fry noodles for breakfast. My very 1st time - preparing it alone.
Ingredients: egg noodles, bacon, eggs, garlic
That was all. Beginner stuff. And it didn't turn out as nice as I expected and planned for it to be, but a decent 1st try I guess.

Even now, my throat still hurts. You probably can't tell cos I look normal and I still spoke pretty much, I needed to. Finished a bottle of starfruit juice this afternoon. I totally DON'T LIKE this drink, but I still bought it after lunch today cos I thought it will help me feel better.

I'm going for honey now............................


Pass Death

Three members of a BBC team covering the conflict in Libya have been detained and mistreated for 21 hours by the Libyan military.

Feras Killani, a Palestinian refugee with a Syrian passport; Goktay Koraltan, who is Turkish; and Chris Cobb-Smith, British, were stopped at a checkpoint at Al-Zahra south of Zawiya on Monday 7 March. Their local driver was also taken. Here, they describe what happened to them in their own words.

Feras: "They took everything, cameras, mobiles, asked for any memory cards and the bad thing was they asked 'whose gun is this in the car?'."

Interviewer: Did they show you a gun? Did the driver have one?

Feras: "No, there was no gun in the car."

Chris: "They weren't too bad to us."

The team was taken next to a barracks on the main highway, known locally as the kilometre 27 centre. They were interrogated by an officer who asked if they had permission to be out reporting.

Chris: "We had passed the barracks before, it had a distinctive black-and-white tank outside it."

Feras: "I think it was the main headquarters outside the city. It was a huge barracks."

Goktay: "We stayed in a room for a while. There was nice captain, he gave us Turkish coffee and cigarettes."

Feras: "They wanted to know how journalists worked, how Sky worked when they were in Zawiya. I told them in general how we work. He had some information but they wanted details.

"We were there about another 30 minutes and then a bad guy arrived. He had three stars on this shoulder, a captain."

Goktay: "He looked pissed off. He was a tall guy, aggressive as he came into the room."

Start Quote

We knew we were in trouble then, I said - this is not good”

Chris Cobb-Smith

Chris: "It was almost like good cop, bad cop. The good one left and then the other one stormed in."

Feras: "He asked a few questions in a very bad way, in Arabic. He was aggressive. I tried to explain we had only been in Zawiya a week before with the authorities.

"He said something bad about Palestinians, a lot of bad things, and he asked his team what they thought about Palestinians and they said the same things. He thought they had helped the Palestinians a lot, but Hamas has given a very bad reaction to Gaddafi. Lots of bad language.

"When I tried to respond he took me out to the car park behind the guard room. Then he started hitting me without saying anything. First with his fist, then boots, then knees. Then he found a plastic pipe on the ground and beat me with that. Then one of the soldiers gave him a long stick. I'm standing trying to protect myself, I'm trying to tell him we're working, I'm a Palestinian, I have a good impression of the country. He knew who we were [ie journalists] and what we were doing.

"I think there was something personal against me. They knew me and the sort of coverage I had been doing, especially from Tajoura the Friday before. I think they monitored the BBC and had an idea, not just the reports but also DTLs [interviews from the studio with a correspondent in the field]. They don't like us or Al-Arabiya or Al-Jazeera."

"He told me to return to the room and not to tell the other guys anything."

At this point Chris managed to get a call out - he hadn't been searched and had a phone - and called for help.

Chris: "We knew we were in trouble then. I said this is not good."

Feras: "The captain came in again after five minutes and asked if I spoke to the other guys. They had asked me if I was all right and I said OK. One of the guards said: 'Yes, he said one word.' So he took me out into the yard again."

"He asked the other guards to come and started to hit and kick me. I was speaking with him saying I only said yes and I explained we were nervous. At this point he sent me back to room after he cuffed me with plastic cuffs behind my back."

Goktay: "We were shocked when we saw him."

Chris: "Obviously the whole situation was deteriorating. In English he said to me: 'One question and you die.' He asked me if I had worked with National Geographic. Obviously they were doing their homework."

Feras was taken outside the room where they were being questioned and was beaten by a captain and others.

Feras: "They hit me with a stick, they used their army boots on me and their knees."

"It made it worse that I was a Palestinian… and they said you are all spies. Sometimes they said I was a journalist who was covering stories in a bad way.

"They put us in a car and the captain, the one who beat me, told the guard: 'If they say one word kill them'.

"He said to Chris: 'One question and you die.' He said if I say one word in English, he would kill me."

The car had a driver and a guard who kept his gun levelled on the three men throughout the journey.

Start Quote

They were kicking and punching me, four or five men, I went down on to my knees - they attacked me as soon as I got out of the car”

Feras Killani

Goktay: "He was pointing the gun at us, each of us in turn, an AK47."

They drove back towards Tripoli, past the Rixos Hotel where foreign media are based.

Goktay: "I felt horrible passing the hotel. The soldier had his finger on the trigger and I was worrying it would go off when we went over a bump."

Chris: "It made it even worse, an extra stab in your morale seeing the hotel appear and disappear but it was good because we knew exactly where we were."

It looked as if they were going to be driven into a military compound.

Chris: "I thought it was a good sign we were going to a legitimate barracks, it was a compound with an eagle on the gate, but we went straight past the front gate down a back street. The building was down the side, attached to the barracks and not behind the perimeter wall. It was a dirty, scruffy little compound about 100m (330ft) square. It was still light when we got there."

Goktay: "There was a big iron gate. It looked like a film set, like an execution place. They took us out of the car and in the middle of the compound there was a cage, they put three of us in the cage and the last thing I saw before the door shut, they hit Feras with an AK47. We started hearing him groaning. They turned up the radio, all Gaddafi songs."

Chris: "They were wearing uniforms with no badges of rank. Some of them had their faces covered."

Feras: "They were kicking and punching me, four or five men. I went down on to my knees. They attacked me as soon as I got out of the car. They knocked me down to the ground with their guns, AK47s. I was down on my knees and I heard them cocking their guns. I thought they were going to shoot me. It was a fake execution. Then they took me into the room."

It seemed to be something like a guard room. Plain concrete with a heavy door, looked like a cell though they wondered if the guards slept there.

Feras: "They took me inside and left me alone for a few minutes and then they started. It was three by four, with an iron door, like a cell. After 15 minutes they were hitting me and kicking me very hard, the worst since I arrived, they put cuffs on my legs. They put three layers over my face, something like a surgical hat, the thing a nurse would wear but over my face."

"I was on the floor on my side, hands and feet cuffed, lying half on a mattress, and they were beating me."

"Before they covered my face up, a big black guy, a very strong guy, pulled my head back by my hair and hit me on the face.

"They were saying I'm a spy working for British intelligence. They asked me about the $400 and £60 and some dinars I was carrying. They asked if I was given the money from the intelligence department I worked for.

"I can't remember how long it went for."

Goktay: "It was about half an hour. We could hear it… I think it was Feras, maybe it was another inmate. The driver was constantly praying. We could hear screams. I thought it was Feras."

At this point Chris was able to ring the BBC team in the Rixos Hotel again. In the call he said the Libyans were torturing Feras.

Chris: "I waited until I calculated the guard had walked off and chanced it. The driver was going spare, he knew that if we were caught with a phone at that stage, let alone actually using it, it would make things even worse, if that was possible."

Start Quote

I was really scared, panicked, Chris was trying to say to me it was going to be OK - I thought they were going to kill us and blame al-Qaeda or the rebels”

Goktay Koraltan

Feras: "After they finished beating me they taped the mask on my head. Then another guy came in and I heard him ask the other guards: 'Why have you covered his face, he's a journalist, he can't breathe?' He told them to uncover my face. I was like that struggling to breathe for seven or eight minutes. I was in a very bad position. My face was on the floor. They pulled the mask back."

Goktay: "The black guy came into our cage and they put masks on us. Gaffer taped them on and handcuffed us. They took the driver out and then me. They said in Arabic 'go' - I thought they would shoot us from behind. I was saying in Turkish that I'm a friend. I thought they would shoot us, I could hear guns loading. I was scared to death I thought it was the execution moment."

Chris: "I could see out from the mask, I wasn't convinced we were going to be shot. I wasn't being pushed around as if they were about to shoot me. They helped me get out of the cage. It was a bit of a drop and they helped me down, it still wasn't pleasant. I could breathe. I think they did this [masked them] so we couldn't see the surroundings when they led us to the cell."

The driver was taken elsewhere. In the room/cell they rejoined Feras.

Goktay: "His face was pale, and twice the size. His hands covered in blood."

Feras: "A good guy had cut the cuffs off. They were so tight he cut me slightly. They put other cuffs on less tight."

Goktay: "He was lying on the floor, cuffed."

Chris: "We were hooded and cuffed and we saw Feras bent double, lying on the floor, face swollen, obviously in pain."

Goktay: "I was really scared, panicked. Chris was trying to say to me it was going to be OK. I thought they were going to kill us and blame al-Qaeda or the rebels."

Feras: "I was taken back out to the cage and the others were left in the room."

Chris: "It was probably the guardroom, where the guards usually rested. There was a metal door but it wasn't locked and bolted the whole time. We were there from about half eight or nine until three in the morning."

Chris and Goktay had no food, water or access to lavatories. Throughout the night they could hear the screams of people being tortured. Goktay said he saw women who had injuries, he presumed inflicted by their interrogators.

A young man from Zawiya was brought in to the room/cell where Chris and Goktay were held.

Chris: "He was terrified. He prayed all night. He peed himself. They threw the mattress out. He kept making throat slitting gestures as if he knew he would die, but he made it clear those gestures applied to us too. The guards kept coming in, screaming at him, terrorising him. They wouldn't let us stand up. If we did, they would scream at us too. The guards were also making throat slitting gestures to all of us.

"We were pretty much left alone but not allowed to stand up and stretch. They got angry if we tried. They didn't mind us talking.

"I sat on a filthy mattress with my back against the wall but facing the door so I could see anything that happened outside when it opened and through a crack when it was closed. I didn't sleep a wink, just watched the seconds tick by, trying to remain upbeat, trying to read something optimistic into every little incident.

"Gok and I shared the few cigarettes we had sparingly through the night, and then smoked the butts of the floor. It was cold but I didn't want to use the filthy blankets, or have them see me huddled and pathetic, though Gok told me later I sometimes was shaking."

Start Quote

They had mashed faces, broken ribsn - we were handcuffed, really tightly, behind our backs”

Chris Cobb-Smith

Feras was in the yard in the metal cell, described as something like a prison van but without wheels. One guard believed Feras when he said he was a journalist, and cut off his plastic handcuffs. He spent the night doing what he could for the other prisoners, who were all handcuffed.

Some of them told him they had been arrested because their phone calls had been intercepted - including ones to the foreign media. At first there were four others already in the cage - two Egyptians who said they had lost their papers and two Libyans. Later they were joined by others.

Feras: "I spent the night in a cell. There were 10 to 12 men from Zawiya. Some were in a bad situation, with broken ribs."

Four of the other captives brought in after Feras were masked, with ankles and wrists cuffed. They were from Zawiya.

Feras: "The four from Zawiya tried not to tell me anything but later one of the guards told me they were fighters from Zawiya.

"All the guys were handcuffed and asking me to help them. There was water, one of them had two or three cigarettes so the good guard gave me a light. I helped them with water, helped them to pee.

"I was looking out of the cage. Cars were coming and going. I saw them bring in a guy and three girls, prisoners, too.

"Two of them told me they had broken ribs. The four who were masked. I helped them breathe by lifting their masks, saw they had been badly beaten.

"The four who were masked said they had been three days without food and with arms and legs cuffed. They said where they were now was like heaven compared to where they had been. They said they had been tortured for three days, and were from Zawiya. The four all knew each other. They didn't want to talk much. None of them said they were involved in fighting but the guard told me. Their hands were swollen and so were their faces.

"In the cage they were talking about what might happen next. They were speaking of their situation. Two of them asked me to burn their cuffs with a cigarette I refused. One of them said he had bad pains in his stomach, I called the guard who said: 'Shut up and let him die, don't ask again'."

The others were reunited with Feras and with their taxi driver when they were moved to another building at about 0300. They were crammed into a pick-up with a steel box on the back with other detainees.

Chris: "We were crammed in worse than sardines. The others were so badly beaten, and it was so full, that every time you moved someone screamed. They had mashed faces, broken ribs. We were handcuffed, really tightly, behind our backs."

Goktay: "We were put into a vehicle, a pick-up with an iron box on the back. Almost 20 of us."

Chris: "There was a jumble of arms and legs and bodies. They were beating one man who couldn't get in because it was too full, so we pushed up to make space for him. There was a community feeling in there. People were trying to help each other. Some people without handcuffs heaved me up to help me sit."

Feras: "Our driver told me we were driving towards the airport."

They were driven to a building that was much cleaner and seemed better organised. They believe it was the headquarters of the foreign intelligence service.

Chris: "It was smarter than the other places, better organised, less chaotic. It was good we hadn't been driven out of Tripoli into the countryside."

Feras: "I saw one of the guys who had arrested me at Tajoura last Friday. He said 'Feras, you again' and punched me on the side of my head."

Goktay: "There was a big operation going on. Lots of people. I could hear screams coming from the second floor. I could see people being taking to other parts of the building hooded and handcuffed."

Chris: "I could hear howls and yelps of pain [coming from the building]. There was a lot of coming and going."

Outside the building they were lined up facing the wall, and told to bend their heads and not look up. One of them screamed at Chris when he did look up. A man moved down the line with a small sub-machine gun equipped with a silencer.

Chris: "As you walk up the steps there was a big entrance and I was last in line. There were four of us including the driver. We were lined up against the wall facing it. I stepped aside to face a gap so they wouldn't be able to smash my face into the wall. A man with a small sub-machine gun was putting it to the nape of everyone's neck in turn. He pointed the barrel at each of us. When he got to me at the end of the line, he pulled the trigger twice. The shots went past my ear.

"They all laughed as though it was very funny. There was a whole group of them in plain clothes."

"After the shooting incident one man who spoke very good English, almost Oxford English, came to ask who we were, home towns and so on. Big fat chap. He was very pleasant, ordered them to cut off our handcuffs. When he had filled in the paper work, it was suddenly all over. They took us to their rest room. It was a charm offensive, packets of cigarettes, tea, coffee, offers of food."

Feras: "One man said to me 'sorry it was a mistake by the military'. But he said we were wrong first because we went out without permission."

The men sat there for another seven hours until they were returned to the Rixos Hotel and released.Three members of a BBC team covering the conflict in Libya have been detained and mistreated for 21 hours by the Libyan military.

Life so fragile.



Self taken shots.



He's almost flawless in his compositions.
I respect this thing for the talents and works.
In all aspects, excellent.
Somewhere a part of the familiar character was just lost. Disap
It reminds me. Again and again. Just come. Harder each time pls.
Daydreaming at 335am. Hungry, affected, infected by oneself.
Don't be a cynic, mate.



If i were a girl, i will look hard for a man, who loves me SO MUCH, and who is rich, with at least some brains. I probably won't wanna be pregnant and go through 'labour pain'. Too painful. Sorry.

If i am a boy, i will commit the earliest years of my life on studies, and play the piano for 2 hours every day. I will exercise to achieve a good figure. By the age of 27, i would have settled down comfortably.

If i had won $11.4mil from this week's toto, i'll get a new flat. And i'll be in London again. No, maybe Japan, maybe Montreal, maybe Boston, or Germany, Taiwan?

IF.. Just dreaming makes me happy.


Family Not By Blood

Here's how i look most recently

Benny - my godfather, my mentor, my friend, my man.

Buddy JY - great company to have in all weathers, since 18years ago

Buddy Gene - a caring, thoughtful friend with great ball control =)

Once upon a time..

My one and only girlfriend, the 1st and mostly the last.



CNY 2011

Super lag! I'm referring to uploading photos.. So its all going to facebook, for now.
Anyway, i like to wish all you friends a Happy Chinese New Year. Set for yourself a positive, achievable target and work towards it. Be thankful for each year.



2 °C

Outdoor - SUPER powerful 24hr natural air conditioner
Indoor - Air con turns heater

Last 10 over days, life without internet and phone, minimal contact with anyone in SG, was quiet. Though just on another side of the globe, it feels like I am in a whole different world, very refreshing. The physical me can fit in over here still, fortunately. I'm safe and sound for now, in the comfort of a little room to call my own. Goodnight.


UK, I'm Coming

I'll be flying next week.
And I haven't prepared anything. I need pounds, lots of them.
Can't imagine myself roaming the streets of grey skies London.
It'll be super exciting..
Bye Singapore.