There's actually so much to say about Eighteen Chefs.
Number 1, Benny aka Uncle Benny. Even before the 1st branch was opened, he prepared a scramble eggs cheese baked rice for me. It was awesome.
A business is a business, but behind all of it lies a story- of its people, of its origins, that makes it more interesting than just great good.



singyin said...

Yep yep it was niceeeeeeee ^^ Btw Sam you got listen to Ou De Yang's songs one?

mm said...

Great pic of u @18C! luv the vivid colours. It's not EZ to operate a biz, all the sweat n blood behind we dun see. Had my favourite beef cheese baked rice some time ago wn i was in the area.

Sam Wong said...

Yes Ms Singyin, i listened in the past. Why huh?

Long time no see.. MM..

singyin said...

cos i was listening to them when i was reading your blog hahaha

Sam Wong said...

Err.. Ok. Silly.

ruijun said...

Hi Sam,
I happen to be dining at 18c last night. Do you have the other photo where ur facing the camera smiling? i find that one nicer.. would love a copy if you have it

Sam Wong said...

Hey Ruijun, thank you. =)