I Like To Jam. Don't Like Jams.

On the way to JB..

Jam. As usual.

Clear on the other side.

Finally, into the hotel room which we're gonna stay for just 1 night.
Start dreaming, under the lamp, beside a candle..

Big view from here though not high..

Still dreaming..

Until the sky turns dark..

Can't be la. Decided to head out for dinner.

Halo Tebrau City, you remind me of Vivo City.

Standing at the car park, i decided to capture this 晚霞 view..

I like the name. But i didn't eat here. Just staring at that EGG word. =)

Overall, this was a relaxing and low-cost retreat with my gang, i spent my time only on food and window-shopping. Now lets get back to work!


What Will You Do?

On a cold rainy night, you are driving alone, along a quiet road far far away from the city. You see a bus stop and you stop your 2-seater sports car beside it. Under the stop's shelter stood 3 people. One is an old lady who looks terribly sick and should require immediate medical attention. The next guy looks super familiar. Oh! This man is an old friend who had once saved your life. Finally at the corner, you see a wonderful person who looks like a perfect life partner. It seems like the bus will take forever to come, your car can take only 1 more person. You want very much to send the old lady to the hospital so that she can receive immediate treatment. You also want to give your old friend whom you have lost contact with a lift. You wanna offer your potential life mate a ride to find out if this is the person you've been waiting for..
What will you do?


Beat Me La

She's a lovely girl. Super cute.
A close friend's daughter. =)


I'm Ready

Super beautiful moon, white like snow..
But i've never seen snow before, except on tV.

AE82 zooms past..

Wa. So fast. Disturbed the peace.


In Perth

I love the peace in Perth, perfect for an old man like me. Imagine staying in a farm, with cows and horses and goats and sheep and dogs. I'll wake up every morning to feed them, then sit under a shelter under the sun with a guitar, strum and pluck and sing and make music. Wa..

About 7 years ago, in Perth

About 14 years ago, in Perth

Trying to show that i rode on a horse before (at a farm in Perth), but i don't have a picture to show. So use our imagination ya.



To heaven?

I want a long, good rest. This coming week, i will have..
I also wanna go on a holiday! But BO $$. Save up then talk.
May all who need a good rest get it too.



Tired tired tired!! Yes when i post at such hours, i'll always say that i'm tired. Sleepy. Hungry. A little giddy. Yes i'm gonna sleep after finishing up some urgent stuff and a quick shower. Cold. Oh. Feeling weak.. I wish i can be like this guy..

Can do ANYTHING with spinach, i also eat that, nothing happens.
Btw, i used to watch Popeye daily on cartoon network, years ago. And Little Lulu who has freckles on her skin.



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