I'm Ready

Super beautiful moon, white like snow..
But i've never seen snow before, except on tV.

AE82 zooms past..

Wa. So fast. Disturbed the peace.


Xiang ping said...

hey bro Sam,i like the first pic..Is like so peaceful there is nothing to disturb seeing the moon at night lol..But the 2nd pic the car suddenly appear out from nowhere..Take care

peishan said...

the moon was indeed beautiful =)
eh, i've seen snow before !! man-made de .. tsk tsk

is AE82 really the car model ?? or you trying to say the car is fast like the car in initial d .. i thought that is AE86 ??

Jean said...

hahas..a car zoommm pass..
i also think the moon is very beautiful~...

see ya tml!hope can reach in time man~!cause have driving!!=(..anyway will rush down..and advanced happy birthday to you~!=D

Jane said...

Yah beautiful noon. I never saw snow before too.

I've made dedication on 933 on the 17th! Although u can’t hear it cos got autograph session. But is ok de. =)

Jia you for 2moro autograph session. Cya. =D

Pek Choo said...

Sam Wong,
Where took the pics from?
Well, wish you Happy 22nd Birthday
to you in advance =)


syl said...

white like snow..
okay, your description is funny! =)

ellekay :] said...



Jane said...

Happy birthday Sam!

Smile! =D

Enjoy urself. Hehe. =)

Jia you! Cya guys later.

kk said...

Happy Birthday & Best Wishes!

/.Anne said...

SAM !~
may you have a great year ahead !
and enjoy ur big big day alrights !
jiayou and all the best in everything you do, esp music ! =D

btw, real snow is really nice !
you shld visit some country during its the winter season.^.^

- /.Anne

chelsie said...

hey sam! happy 22nd birthday! =D

flo said...

Hey, does this AE82 have the 藤原豆腐店铺- 自家用 on it? If so, I know where that AE82 can be found. Think the owner stays/works in Jurong. I always see it around that area. Even went to IMM to see this car on display to promote Initial D movie few yrs ago.

Seeing and playing snow quite shiok, but the temperature must be really low. And energy level definitely very low with that kind of weather, -10 degree...

oh btw, happy birthday drummy boy!

qIaNhUi said...


S m i L e z . . .

Jean said...

Hey sam!
now officially 17th oct 2008 already!here wishing u a very very very HAPPY 22BIRTHDAY!=D..may all ur wishes come true and everything u does goes well..and all the best in teaching drum!can see that u will be a GOOOD teacher!=D

jiayous~!=D..and take care..

strat said...

Happy birthday!

Sam Wong said...

No problem strat.
Thank you ALL.
Goodnight! =)

Jane said...

U are welcome. Hope 2moro u can hear the dedication on yes 933 at 10.30pm. If not is ok de. Hehe. I understand it. =)

So late still havent sleep? Go sleep soon! Opps... :X Good night!

Jiahui said...


HuiFang said...


Hey Hey Sam,
I'm here wishing u a Happy Birthday. May God bless you with abundant of joy.
And in all things you do always trust in him.
He will always be there for you.
Stay Happy & Smile always!
YUp... Once Again
Take Care!

HuiFang =)

I like the second picture because got standard leh.. NICE. WELL DONE. You can take more.. haha..
kk.. Enjoy!

capri said...

owner of AE82 stayed in jurong? din get a chance to spot it yet...

happy birthday sam!

quizzy_me=) said...

the "disturbed the peace" picture...waaaa aim so zhun...li hai! haha
happy birthday! u r steady de!

Xiang ping said...

Hey bro sam,happy 22nd birthday to you..Have a great breakthough ahead and wish all your birthday wishes all come true..Enjoy your special day with your family member,friends&Fans..Haha=D God bless you...Jia you...Take care

P. said...

Hey hey hey!
happy birthday Sam!

Olvls are coming, *butterflies in stomach*. POWER LA!

Jean said...

argh!couldn't go down to mlb autosession just now!=(..was stuck at ubi till 7pm..guessed can't rushed down too~!..anyway hope u enjoy ur birthday today with the fans!happy birthday once again!=D

see you guys at SHA~!

Mei Qi said...


xiaohong said...

Happy Birthday~
wish you all da best.
Remember to Smile always ^_^
thats attractive

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sam! (:

pinkiee said...

happy birthday sam! :D

syl said...

happy birthday again! =D
hope u enjoyed today!
rest well~

Rah said...

sam sam sam.. if u wanna knw abt my name..shall tell u nxt time. for now keep in suspense..-.- and seriously u shock me with the question u pop up. anyway too sudden la..tsk! :P

hope u did enjoy the day ! cause i did enjoy myself. wahaha!hope u are happy like wad u told me yea..heh heh! and hope u like tt little gift tt i gave too(: happy belated birthday yo! =)

min. x)) said...

happy belated birthday, drummerboy! :D

Sam Wong said...

Butterflies in stomach??
Don't get it.. Haha.
Jia you!

Jenies said...


o.o the car like zoomed pass ?

p. said...

Haha, butterflies in stomach = feeling super nervous!

A pity i couldnt attend yesterday's session, was pretty much stuck at home studying. I saw the gift given by syl, really cute!

Angie said...

Hi Sam I have a friendship problem..

Question: if a friend of yours want to break friendship with you what will you do? will you care?

And one day he/she msg you saying sorry & want to be friend again. Will you still accept him/her again??

Sam i trouble with this question..
Can you help me solve it..
Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

hey sam,
may i know what time does the nyjc event start? or rather what time would you guys reach? thanks..

Sam Wong said...

Halo. We were just informed today that the NYJC event is cancelled. Hmm.. I hope that you won't be disappointed.

If you really see this person as a friend, you will care. Friends are very important in one's life, We should cherish them, in turn we hope that they will also cherish us.
Anyway, these are my opinion, i believe your problem can be easily resolved.


Pek Choo said...

Sam Wong,

Will you all be attending the 24th SHA events at CauseWay Point?

Anonymous said...

okay, i got it..
thanks for replying! =)

Sam Wong said...

No problem.
We won't be attending the event at CauseWay Point. =)

Pek Choo said...

ok thanks =)
rest early yah~

cya this sat =)

Sam Wong said...

I didn't publish your comment as i think it is very personal.
You'll know best your situation, do what you think is appropriate and right. Cheer up. =)