Tired tired tired!! Yes when i post at such hours, i'll always say that i'm tired. Sleepy. Hungry. A little giddy. Yes i'm gonna sleep after finishing up some urgent stuff and a quick shower. Cold. Oh. Feeling weak.. I wish i can be like this guy..

Can do ANYTHING with spinach, i also eat that, nothing happens.
Btw, i used to watch Popeye daily on cartoon network, years ago. And Little Lulu who has freckles on her skin.


BiRu said...

little lulu~
little lulu~~~~~~~~~
i watch too!
last time scv got mandarin channel!
sam! you are missed! :D

dorothy said...

hey sam!
it dorothy... in melbourne
how are u?
havent seen u guys in 1000000 years
what have u been up to?
i'll see u soon..maybe next year ey?
take care!

pekchoo said...

Hi Sam,

WOW~ 4plus still blogging =)
No wonder you will be very tired.
Next time finish your tasks early and get a good sleep...

Nice Pics~ I also used to watch Little Lulu last time also =) Quite funny rite...

Take Care

Take Care =)

min. x)) said...

haha, yeah missed those cartoons.
so adorable!
can go Popeyes to eat, they always show popeye cartoons there. (:
take care alrights!

peishan said...

ahha !! popeye the sailor man !! used to watch that too =)
aiyaya .. late night again .. have a good rest yea~

Jean said...

ooohh..really late..i also gt watch popeye when i was young!hahas..very nice eh..hahas..anyway u are not weak bah..just tired thats why no energy!haha..anyway take care and jiayou!=D

syl said...

sleep so late again!
hope u get some nice sleep ya?
lol. LULU! i rmb the name, but cant rmb the character.. haha!
jia you for tml! =D

yavonda said...

Haha.. I think Popeye was super effective for parents to coax their child to eat vegetables.. lucky I like to eat spinach out of so many...cos got nutrients that benefit eyes!

qIaNhUi said...

Funny La U...

PLEASE Had Enough Rest Hor ~

Jane said...

I used to watched popeye too. I saw ur braces today but i not sure what colour is that.. Haha. Jia you & take good care.

Please rest early... =)

Xiang ping said...

Haha=D..Just now watch Superband than when the show going to start than Mi Lu Bing is out than i was so high lol to watch you guys sing hehe=D...Take care!You also can link me at www.xiangping-withlove.blogspot.com link and tag me ya..take care..

wei said...

hi sam! i've got a whole lot of popeye and lulu's vcd! haha! you should sleep earlier and eat more meat to be stronger! ;D

ellekay :] said...

what nice braces you have!