Spirit Of Enterprise

A dinner i attended at Hotel InterContinental just now.
Benny, who is our shifu and my godfather won an award. I'm so proud of him.
I'm so tired i will fall asleep the moment lights off.


Getting There

You feel discouraged at times. But you gotta pick yourself up. It'll be fine!

I am a very private person, and i don't talk much, other than face to face, which i find ironic sometimes. I'm opening up more now. Hmm.. Goodnight, sweet dreams..


Cold Cold Night

Before i start grumbling, wanna say thank you to Anonymous who left me a kind comment that i do not know was for which post. Can't find it already..

I've been thinking a lot recently, about my life, about what i am doing, what am i called to do. Many times i wonder if i am on the right track. I have the answer, but i continue to question myself time and again. I get very uptight with little things, you can't see this sight of me cos its on the inside. There are situations where i make decisions because of what somebody else says. When i have decided for myself, i get affected when he says otherwise. I'm lost..
I wish for wisdom.


Dinner In JB

My friend Desmond's birthday. They invited us over for dinner.
EYEBAGS! Looked like i haven't slept for a week.
还不错, fries was very good.
Acting Pianist.

He's trying to be nice.



One down. To me it was the most stressful one - Yea, my face is the proof. Next comes a series, but i'm kinda looking forward to them though i know there's much work to be done. I need to put in more effort and give my very best! Hit the drums!!

I'll sleep well tonight, i mean tomorning.
Goodnight.. Err.. Good morning.


Big. Nervous.



- a vessel for transport by water, constructed to provide buoyancy by excluding water

From small fishing boats to ferries to star cruises to headaches to puking..
Isn't it a wonderful invention?
(Pictures by my new cam - click click)



My very 1st own digital still camera! 12.1MP, full HD with a slim body. You know? You know? It's a Sony T-90. Thanks to a group of people who loves me very much.. I think.

Here's the 1st shot from lying on my bed, testing only.
I PROMISE nicer pictures in the days ahead!