- a vessel for transport by water, constructed to provide buoyancy by excluding water

From small fishing boats to ferries to star cruises to headaches to puking..
Isn't it a wonderful invention?
(Pictures by my new cam - click click)


NIColette LeE said...

to headaches? to puking? haa. all caused by stupid motion sickness! i love seating boats but always end up w/ headaches. that's super irritating thn i'll sleep to overcome it and miss all th sceneries:(

capri said...

u really bring d cam ard?

alws njoy viewing ur pics & d story behind... keep it up!

all transportations r great inventions!

p/s: help me take pics of birds if u see any interesting ones. ;p

th-JESS said...

oomg ok, now THATS what 12 mp camera does. the photos are so cleaaaaaaaaaarrrrr !! omg.

alright,just stopping by to say SAM JIA YOU ! the advertisement was reaaaaally sweet . i love the part u n wei qi seem to be shouting so happily. hahaha so lively !

alright, lets hope we get to see MLB after or before SHA on friday !
and dont mistake me for another girl again, i'll try to pluck up courage and tell u who i am xD

gotta go back to study. JYJY !

mm said...

what happened? u wanna become a walkin dictionary? :P