Dinner In JB

My friend Desmond's birthday. They invited us over for dinner.
EYEBAGS! Looked like i haven't slept for a week.
还不错, fries was very good.
Acting Pianist.

He's trying to be nice.


pekchoo said...

which part of JB, looks nice ya. :)

Jean said...

Nice place over there..and really ur eye bags seems heavy, esp on the left eye.. sleep early!!=DD looking forward to auto session! see ya=D

syl said...

wahh. enjoying life. the restaurant seems elegant!

sleepy mm said...

wow u guys act made the effort to go over for dinner, mus be a good pal. so fries was VERY good, but it looks so-so only while the main dish was only 还不错 but it looks good!:P

Jane said...

Look like malaysia still jam... Can see from the pics that u enjoy urself. :)

U been busy until never sleep or sleep less hour huh? Try to sleep more while u can. Take good care. :D

Ps: Love 吃下宇宙 song!! Hehe.

th-JESS said...

awwwh. sweet. hw i wish i can go msia just for dinner only too huh !

maybe when im older. heh!

Sam Wong said...

We were in a hotel, i forgot the name. Old man is forgetful, i'll check and come back..

Alyssa Lieu said...

hmm..should be Grand Paragon or thistle hotel? i'm not sure this time liau..:D I like the white piaono ..

rah said...

bought the baby already luh..

the moment i open the album. i cua sai liao LOL. :P think u get wad i mean right hor hor hor..LOL!!! -_-" xia si lun~~~ :P ok shall go back continue listen the album .. lalalala~~ XD

-WHEY` said...

you deserved that trip break in JB! ha, seems like you're in the custom for the trucks and lorries! :D

hope you're taking enough rest!

Sam Wong said...

Pan Pacific. =D