Looking back on the things i've done..

I laugh, i feel proud, i feel embarrassed, i have regrets.

My life is a little part of yours.

Really thank all the wonderful souls who entered into mine at some point or another. I wish to bless you too.


Double Chin

"2am.. And the rain is falling.. Here we are, at the crossroads once again.."

Was just singing.. That's one good song.

I went to T3 after piano lesson at 10pm, for supper - which was merely an excuse to get out. We sat down at Ya Kun; had coffee, eggs and toast. A nice conversation over coffee is what i enjoy most. Sometimes it is when someone who used to be around often moves out then you make the effort for a get-together, and then you learn more about that person which you never knew before.

Journey home was really fast as the roads were empty.. My bed is empty too, time to occupy it.



I just recalled i have this space.

About halfway through the course, as fast as can be, ain't as bad as i thought this would be. Doing this now and 10years back is seriously different. Couldn't foresee the possible importance of certain choices i made, never measured opportunity cost accurately, pure stubbornness.

Young people gotta try to learn as much when young. Yes i'm young.