Saturday Night

What's up this happening night? You know?

From 2pm today, i talk talk talk until i reached home at 8plus. Don't misunderstand, i didn't talk to the man seated beside me in the bus who had BO. I just wanted to highlight that i didn't drink water in the last 9hrs. Cannot like that 1, thirsty man.

No topic, just shoot anything!


That Was Long

Knock knock. Knock my head.
I had a great fall today, a loud one. Haven't fell like that for years le. Serious. The most tak-glam kind. I was walking pretty fast, calm and composed. Then came super slippery floor that looked totally innocent and friendly, yellowish-white. One of my legs i don't remember left or right went up in the air 1st followed by the other at split second, then i was lying on the ground. Ouch. Then at the next second i quickly stood up, act cool when i knew obviously that people within radius of at least 6 metres were staring cos the echo was damn loud. My backbone pain for that minute, nothing else hurt, no cuts at all fortunately. A woman just beside the beautiful accident asked me - Boy you ok? I replied i'm ok without even a thank you(so impolite) as my mind was filled with anger towards the stupid floor that spoilt my beautiful exit from the food court. AAAAAAHHHHHHHhhh.....

I've not been here for 2 weeks? Pretty occupied recently, when i get home daily i look for the bed immediately. Good, i feel useful. Bad, i don't know where's the limit, gei-kiang wanna do this and do that, somemore not doing very well. I'm not the workaholic kind, need to relac one. I know.

Many events took place, many things happened in the last 2 weeks. Confused moment. Lost. Blur. Sadded. Accompanied. Comforted. Happy. Now i'm back again. Good! We can do it. I can do it. First i need to build up my health. Time to get home to bed..


Darlie Ad Model

Hmm.. I should be able to remove my braces by June 2009. Great. Potato chips BBQ spicy garlic flavour, i'm back, maybe.
Finally consulted a doctor today. I probably got this gastric reflux. Not so serious de. Gotta take proper meals at right timings. And my medicine, i'll take them regularly. I've been like that all my life, perhaps i'll remember this time and learn to seriously watch my eating habits. Its not fun at all to having this puking sensation so often, like a pregnant fellow.
I'm fine, alive and kicking. Be thankful Sam.

Btw, what is a blog to you? My Life - i'm using it like a journal most of the time.



I dug out my house keys from my adidas bag pocket, stretched my heavy arm out to the door, and unlocked it with the key. I'm home. I wanna sleep.. Goodnight..

WORLD WAR 78 just ended..