Saturday Night

What's up this happening night? You know?

From 2pm today, i talk talk talk until i reached home at 8plus. Don't misunderstand, i didn't talk to the man seated beside me in the bus who had BO. I just wanted to highlight that i didn't drink water in the last 9hrs. Cannot like that 1, thirsty man.

No topic, just shoot anything!


min. x)) said...

haha, that was like extremely random! take care lo.

YUJING said...


BIG thanks for introducing me to the other M.L.Bian(s) lurh, ha! Anyw, so have you finish "xin shang - ing" the present from me? ha, nice not?(myself; i think its super nice:P) somemore have been finding for quite long then found it de.. (hen you xin right? LOL!)hope you'll like it. &&& hope it's not a present that you've received before-.-| ha(:

Yep, it's a awesome raining day:D

ellekay :] said...

no topic?!



Jiawei said...

lol a water bottle would be useful for you !

capri said...

hey sam, din visit ur blog so din know u had a hard fall. lucky u din get serious injury.

wah, 9 hrs din drink water! u can tahan so long!

Sam Wong said...

I've got bottles, i just don't use them. =)

U're welcome YuJing, they're all nice people. The gift's really nice, thank you. Don't spend like that again ya?

You can do better than that EK!

qIaNhUi said...

Rmb To Drink Water, Drink Water, Drink Water!
&&& Xiao Xin Ur "Scary-Black" Thumb Eh... Dun Let It Get Worse Hor... If U Really Gonna Do "The Method U Suggested", RMB - Don't Show It To Us ... HAHA =_______=


YUJING said...

.. alright alright:/.. yes sir! but will spend more time by being present & supporting(:

syl said...

drink more water lah!
or eat more fruits!

sometimes talking here and there is better than keeping quiet bah.
at least, people know wad u're thinking.. =)

ellekay :] said...

stop stop stop.
EK sounds like ET!


ps/ take care of your thumb!
it looks scary.

peishan said...

you still can tahan and continue sitting beside the man with BO ar? haha
anyway, drink more water !!

-WHEY` said...

9 hours leh, you must be kidding! you didn't feel thirsty all along? tsk tsk, just a reminder 8 glasses of water a day! hoho :D

& lets hope your thumb nail will grow faster hor! if not i'll share with you my nail polish.. :x

Jean said...

omg..damn funny.."din talk to the man seated beside mi in the bus who had BO!.."...hahas..anyway 9 hours never drink water?!...i 1 hr never drink cannot tahan already..hahas.anyway drink more water..don be dehydrated=)

pekchoo said...

drink more water or teh peng.
take care ya.

Anonymous said...

Were you at dover last week?
My friend say that she saw you.
But I don't believe. Lol.

Yun Ping said...

hi sam..long dint leave a msg here...so many hrs dint drink a sip of water?OMG!will suffer from dehydration one..hahas...

Rah said...

wad a random entry
but it ok.. :P
cause i always post random entry too.. >.<

anyway laoshi~
sorry on the things on friday...=/
if u get wad i mean yeah~ ><

u take care eh (:

shihui said...

"naughty boy", ur mom would scold you for not drinking water if you were still a boy. am ii right?
nahz, anw, just being random and making a guess.

DRINK MORE WATER, so tt you wont fall sick!

take care take care! =)

Adrian Chin said...

wack u arh....talk so much and dont drink water....lol

Sam Wong said...

Smiles to everyone.

Yes Anonymous, guess your friend saw me, probably walking by the road?

No worries Rah, i understand.

My finger looks good..

Wack me la!

qIaNhUi said...

Are u sure ur finger looks good.?!?


Jane said...

Drink more water ,eat more fruits or drink milk tea. Haha. I 1 hr never drink water i cannot take it.

How come u got bottles but u dun use them?? A bottle would be useful as u can bring it to anywhere and drink the water. What happened to ur thumb?? Take care! :)

verr said...

apples are red.
oranges are orange


xiao bai is still white -.-

are u still under the threat of xiaobai/da bai/lao bai?

anw do rmb to contact if you wanna do a recontract, i'll be glad to assist you. HAHAS!

okays lah, LAI RI FANG CHANG!
hope to talk to you over lunch again. take care BUSY MAN! :D

quizzy_me=) said...

li hai...haha
they say the first sign of dehydration is not thirsty but rather, tired. Thirsty is the jia lat one liao...

take care lo =)

ahh i very sian...

theeggyolks said...

hey!must drink water le..if no, will die people one de..haha..anyway, we have just drawn a caricature of u and ur band! do come have a look!!

YUJING said...

drop by The Egg Yolk's blog - http://theeggyolks.blogspot.com/

a caricature specially requested by me to M.L.B:D very cute lorh, ha!

MIKO(: said...

what an entry =_= saturday night is the night where i went to an art exibition. awesomee.

mm said...

Hi hi, super wuliao drop by to crap. U talked from 2-8pm!! 口水多多 (mus say in cantonese hor), dunid water liao :P Nowadays v humid, the nose is constantly under attack. Why didn't u chg seat? If i cant tahan the smell, will def move seat when i spot an empty one far far away de.

Sam Wong said...

I'm using Singtel..Heh.

There's a little eeeee looking blood clot under my thumb nail, stuck for months.. Painless though.

Hmm.. I think if that guy knew i moved away cos of his smell, he'll be hurt? I guess the smell won't hurt anyway. =) Feel free to crap!!

Saw the caricature le, 谢谢!!

Lorita said...

yoz Ah Sam
How are you recently???
me is suffering by my bad flu lol

Liting said...

Hello.. Hope the blood clot under ur thumb nail will recover soon.. Think you put plaster for safety bah.. If not if people bu xiao xin hit ur thumb, i think it will bleed again.. So take good care of urself!! Dont talk so much, drink more water.. Hahas.. Smile.. :D

Hui Fang said...

Sam No worries lah. =)
During July ICT sure someone will make u drink lots of water de - (LTA Davin Soh Tk PC).haha

Sam Wong said...

Thank you ShiHui.

I'm fine, weather's turning wet here too. Rain and rain, not the Korea guy. COLD.

I got a strong thumb, thank u for showing concern to ?it. =)

Eh.. Who's LTA Davin?

(sorry PC, deleted your comment accidentally)

Pek Choo said...

it's ok. see you soon.

take care =]

Hui Fang said...

You from Braves 403 SAR right? He is your Tank PC... Nvm if you dun remember. Will see him again in July...