Breaking the language barrier.


My Nephew

A new story has just began. This was 1st time I carried an infant, 1 day old. It was pleasant, heartwarming, so delightful. He is truly adorable. I am so proud of my sister and bro-in-law, for the discipline, courage and patience they have displayed throughout the past months. This is it.

May this little one grow up to be a healthy and good man.


Uncle Sam

My sis gave birth few hours ago.
I'm just back from the hospital.
My nephew looks lovely.
The whole episode is amazing.
Anxiety, pain, touching, joy.



A really long day..

I voted.
Took lunch and 'walked the ground'.
Got home and watch the HK drama.
Had a short, enjoyable music practice.
Then.. Went down to a home studio where we did some vocal recording, I directed it! Wow.. Can't wait for the end product. No, it isn't my/our album. I'm just playing a part in the process you don't usually see. Writing, arrangement ideas, backing vocals etc.
Then came results' time. Gathered at Mr Koh's house.
This round is over. Winners, losers.. Well, I think many of them left with a heavy heart.



Doctors, hawkers and homemakers are talking about it.
We think, it is good to know what is happening in our country.
A singer shared a song. Pretty funny.

I'm not saying who's good or not for us ya..
There ain't no hidden meaning.
Choose wisely. Its in your hands.

I'll stand for the country, in 5 years time.