Doctors, hawkers and homemakers are talking about it.
We think, it is good to know what is happening in our country.
A singer shared a song. Pretty funny.

I'm not saying who's good or not for us ya..
There ain't no hidden meaning.
Choose wisely. Its in your hands.

I'll stand for the country, in 5 years time.

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mm said...

hahahaha...so funny the vid. especially like the niam part, the dance move really match the hand action whenever we complain someone is niaming yet again. not wantin to catch the tails of the white party but den cost of livin is really gettin me down. For middle income people, all is fine n dandy but for low income people, it can be quite tryin ,esp in the long run. hvnt do my hmwork yet to see if any other colour party deserve my vote. such an impt task w concerns our country, yet i am too apathetic to go listen/read abt their speeches. watchin all the action this yr, it is upliftin to see > people with higher calibre steppin up for opposition, (i can only hope their character is of high integrity as well) yet i feel a twinge of apprehension as this can signal a turnin pt for our lil isle if the single party reign ends. for better or for worse? we can only wait n see with abated breath.