Tan Abit

On the ground is Giant.

I woke up early yesterday morning. Saw an sms that says - postponed. VERY sleepy still, but i'm up le and 难得 some time to spare. So out i went, with Giant. Jun and i had breakfast at Macpherson. Mine was 虾面不要虾, 干的, 不要辣.. Nice.. Dirty looking soup, tasted marvellous. Then we parted. I went on alone for 2 hours. To Bukit Timah.. Macritchie Reservoir.. Bishan Park, again. Kept hearing thunders, but no sign of rain. Shiok.

Long days..

The real thing..



Today was a good day.
Though i slept after 4am and got up at 6am.
2 hours only, after round up.

Breakfast was nostalgic - Old couples' wanton mee at old coffee shop with ma MAN
Dinner was super quick <5min, 1 plate of 杨州炒饭
Supper was sweet.. Instant noodles plus 1 anyhow fried egg

Let me get some proper rest before i come back with BIG ACTION.


Morning Study

While i was having an argument with .. in my dream(unusually), and winning it, my bedroom phone rang. With my tired but beautiful eyes still closed, i was searching for the phone, then the ringing stopped. Ooo.. Then hand phone rang..
"Halo, breakfast ah?" when i didn't have to wake up early today but am happy to do so for the breeze..
He says "Go study la. I'm on my way."
"Open le ma? Hmm.. Ok.. Steady!" Then i got out of bed, jump on the spot a few times, towel into the shower.
In 20min, i was down with my guit and a shoe bag filled with materials i need for today.
MY HAIR'S SO MESSY, t-shirt and berms tak match. HAHAHA.
Its OK. At least i got a pair of sunglasses..

I like the the spontaneity.


Its time!

Time to hit the supermarket! Got stuff to buy..
Toothbrush, cotton, magic-clean that thing, after wax hair spray, maybe some not unhealthy snacks if there is, mineral water etc..
I'll find some time to do the auntie-shopping tomorrow.

What am i up to these days?
Work and play and work and eat late dinner..
Preparing for some upcoming show(s) with ma band..
Trying to brush up personal skills in music..
Teaching hardworking students.. One new student today, welcome on board! May you enjoy your stay with Mr Wong.
Hmm.. 还有什么呢?
That's bout it. But i wanna find time to hit the road on my bicycle. Yea i always repeat the same thing. Talk only. Ride my bicycle to the same places, use my hand phone to capture some similar pictures. Boring? No, i love it. JY, Gene, lets go!
Not free? Adrian? Nobody's coming with me..



Free? Day

Didn't actually wanna write anything today. Not in the best mood to do so. But now i'm on this; this is an account of my day 11.3.2009. SO THAT I WILL REMEMBER.

Started off very well in the morning. A meeting in the water with 2 long time buddies - both i haven't really had a proper chat with in a long while. Though physically tired, i had to do this, i truly wanted to. Lunch after that, just 3 people. At a ulu coffee shop, mixed dono-wat rice, but it tasted so good. I think it was the company and fellowship.

The next activity is for me to know and not you. Waste of time, i'm gonna put it aside, put it behind at least for a good period of time. Not illegal stuff la. TAKE NOTE

Then home. Did some quick work.
Some preparations, then off to drum lesson. Smooth.

Sun down, i went to Funan to get something i need, work-related. Walked quite a bit, to you it's considered a lot.

On the way home, in the backseat of the bus, my mind starts to feel really heavy.
What am i doing? Can i make it for..? Can i do it? How to? Sigh.. Questions come one after another................ ed.
Go away, all of you!

Back home, looking through this and that. Think think think think think think.. Seems like a lot. Doesn't help at all. Sigh..

I'll stop here. I'll remember this, but it'll be for a good cause.



What Are You Living For?

YOURSELF? Do you enjoy what you're doing? Or do you not?
Are you doing it for the sake of others?
I like to do works that brings joy to others, to see people around happy, i try to avoid what doesn't bring happiness to them. Sounds saint? Does this mean that i live for others?
Removing all layers of filters.. Selfishness in evident.
Why the actions? Because i don't want others to be un-pleased with me. I wanna look good. We like to look good. We want others to think well of ourselves.
"If you look honestly at your motivations, you may find them to be for YOU."
So its for myself? I'm selfish.

Last night as i was driving along PIE(with 2 passengers), i came across an elderly man who just fell off his motorcycle. I stopped by the side immediately, and 3 of us got out of the car to see if we could help this man. He had bruises, he was bleeding. His bike was on the ground, documents thrown out of the box all over in a mess. But fortunately, he's fine; he said to me he didn't need an ambulance. Another 2 motorists, 1 with an umbrella as it was raining, also came out to lend a helping hand. We left after the man and his bike stood up properly and his stuff were back in place. I felt comforted, by the 2 other men. After the incident, i asked myself - Why did i offer help to this stranger? I didn't need to impress the other 2 自己人 in the car or the strangers whom i've never met and they do not know me. I can proudly say that it was a sincere act of kindness. Thank God for that.

So what should you be living for?
For love, for the benefit of each other, but not at the expense of neglecting yourself. Cheers.


Random Pics

Friday Night Fever

Just look don't sit - Pain

Little DJ

The disappearing thing at the end of tunnel

That night's suppper at Prata House

Stuck in the MRT's door


Never Coming Back

2009, January and February GONE. Have i spent that time wisely?
Perhaps i did. But, surely i can do better than that. I didn't..
How bout U??
What are your goals for this year?
What do you wanna achieve?
Have you been moving in the right direction?
Sam (第二声) DON'T be a blind mouse!!
Be a wise man.

I went to Party World the previous weekend. 1st song on the list was 成熟. Just for viewing.
Let's sing together!