Its time!

Time to hit the supermarket! Got stuff to buy..
Toothbrush, cotton, magic-clean that thing, after wax hair spray, maybe some not unhealthy snacks if there is, mineral water etc..
I'll find some time to do the auntie-shopping tomorrow.

What am i up to these days?
Work and play and work and eat late dinner..
Preparing for some upcoming show(s) with ma band..
Trying to brush up personal skills in music..
Teaching hardworking students.. One new student today, welcome on board! May you enjoy your stay with Mr Wong.
Hmm.. 还有什么呢?
That's bout it. But i wanna find time to hit the road on my bicycle. Yea i always repeat the same thing. Talk only. Ride my bicycle to the same places, use my hand phone to capture some similar pictures. Boring? No, i love it. JY, Gene, lets go!
Not free? Adrian? Nobody's coming with me..



Arkmoon said...

Oooh !!!! CYCLING !!!! =D !!!!

-WHEY` said...

cycling at bishan park again? haha..

i guess it happens to everyone.. always say again and again, but never happen! haha.. ok, this time im sure u're gonna make it happen! heh heh!

see u guys soon! :D

syl said...

jia you jia you!

Pek Choo said...


shihui said...

Good Morning!

haha, 'Mr Wong' sound so old. sounds like some kind of discipline teacher in the old school. -_-

oya, if ii didnt guess wrongly, you are free from ur braces rite? remember to grab some chips from the supermarket. haha.

ii want to go cycling too! it has been super duper long since ii last step on the paddles. =/

have you already recovered from ur cough? you know wad, ii am still suffering from it. sigh.

alrite, take care! cya soon! =D

Jean said...

Hahhas..auntie-shopping....anyway jiayou for upcoming shows~=DDDD...take care..

YUJING said...


were you in train yesterday around ehs.. 3+? &&& you dropped @ Aljunied? ha, wonder if that was you.
&& how was the mini-egg(s)? hao chi marh? LOL:D
can't wait to see you guys again soon.. *4th April & that concert @ Esplanade!*
anyw, i realised i joined M.L.B family @ the right timing lorh.. managed to catch this concert(: although its late:S but i'm happyyyyy that i'm part of the family now:D


qIaNhUi said...

JIAYO For The Upcoming Stuffs.!

bf said...
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Yun Ping said...

Hello!Cycling again...it's kinda find cos cycling is really fun!Hahas..aunite shopping again?AUNTIE-SHOPPINGGGGG...yeah,dun eat too much unhealthy snacks cos it isn't good of health eh?Mr Wong?Does all your students call you that?Maybe they should call you by your name...right?Hahas...jia you ok?

Sam Wong said...

Can we please go further than Bishan Park?

No Yujing, you got the wrong guy. But yes, the eggs are great! Mini tea eggs!


Yo BaoFei.

YUJING said...

ha, okay.. wrong person:S

since you are ssso craving to go cycling, why don't organise something like: M.L.B Family Cycling Gathering? LOL! i think its going to be SHOIK!:D then you don't have to worry that no one can accompany you alr^^ although i know you can go cycling by yourself one larh-.-|.. ha!

yeayeayea, & glad that you like those mini tea eggs:D (i'm craving for "TE DAN"!) LOL!

&&& +U+U oh SSSSSAM! tctc(:

gene said...

lets go

capri said...

woo.. cycle... long time din do it liao...

it's wkend! besides bz-ing wif d gigs stuff, hope u can hv some time to njoy cycling... hv fun!

ur nxt post farnie... "tak match"... lol...

verr said...


mm said...

Mr Wong?? Next time i try callin u dat...auntie :P

bf said...
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Arkmoon said...

*waves* i wan to Cycle also !!!! XD

Sam Wong said...

Waves left!

Most people call me Sam. =)

Waves right!!

No.. I don't hate braces, they're helpful, but i prefer life without them. Heh.

See ya all sometime soon..

Jing Jing said...

Sam you wants to be a billionaire. When will it come true? Ur duration? =)

syl said...

hahaha, i juz saw that!
i want to be a billionaire too! hmm. zillionaire also can. xD

Sam Wong said...

When i strike toto and i use the winnings to buy again. Then strike again and i use the winnings to buy again. And again and again.
= Billionaire

But how?

syl said...

hahaha, dun have to buy every week lah.
juz buy when there is BIG MONEY. =x

peishan said...

even if you do buy toto, you wont strike so many times right ?
maybe ..
做梦比较快 =P

cya soon !