Free? Day

Didn't actually wanna write anything today. Not in the best mood to do so. But now i'm on this; this is an account of my day 11.3.2009. SO THAT I WILL REMEMBER.

Started off very well in the morning. A meeting in the water with 2 long time buddies - both i haven't really had a proper chat with in a long while. Though physically tired, i had to do this, i truly wanted to. Lunch after that, just 3 people. At a ulu coffee shop, mixed dono-wat rice, but it tasted so good. I think it was the company and fellowship.

The next activity is for me to know and not you. Waste of time, i'm gonna put it aside, put it behind at least for a good period of time. Not illegal stuff la. TAKE NOTE

Then home. Did some quick work.
Some preparations, then off to drum lesson. Smooth.

Sun down, i went to Funan to get something i need, work-related. Walked quite a bit, to you it's considered a lot.

On the way home, in the backseat of the bus, my mind starts to feel really heavy.
What am i doing? Can i make it for..? Can i do it? How to? Sigh.. Questions come one after another................ ed.
Go away, all of you!

Back home, looking through this and that. Think think think think think think.. Seems like a lot. Doesn't help at all. Sigh..

I'll stop here. I'll remember this, but it'll be for a good cause.