Morning Study

While i was having an argument with .. in my dream(unusually), and winning it, my bedroom phone rang. With my tired but beautiful eyes still closed, i was searching for the phone, then the ringing stopped. Ooo.. Then hand phone rang..
"Halo, breakfast ah?" when i didn't have to wake up early today but am happy to do so for the breeze..
He says "Go study la. I'm on my way."
"Open le ma? Hmm.. Ok.. Steady!" Then i got out of bed, jump on the spot a few times, towel into the shower.
In 20min, i was down with my guit and a shoe bag filled with materials i need for today.
MY HAIR'S SO MESSY, t-shirt and berms tak match. HAHAHA.
Its OK. At least i got a pair of sunglasses..

I like the the spontaneity.