Angel To Wtich

You like stories? Especially those with negative content right? Tell me who doesn't know bout Mr Neo? Or Woods?

Here's another one from my memory space..

My good friend P and i were in primary 4a1 - a stands for am cos at that time there were morning and afternoon classes. In the classroom, tables were arranged in single rows. My seat was the 3rd one in the row against the windows nearest to the corridor and P was just behind me. It was a good location that allowed me to look outside of the classroom at teachers walking past and daydream. I would always lean backwards, with my chair standing on 2 legs only, the top of its back-rest sits on P's table, my legs dangling and knees directly under my table for another support. Can you visualize what i'm saying? Then P and i will talk, talk, talk and talk. And Jon who sat in front of me would tell us to be quiet.

There was a seriously pretty teacher in school, Miss Chow. WA. The sweetest thing and most happening of our time, every boy would have dream of holding her hand. Just holding hands is enough. She was our maths teacher that year and i loved maths for a while! Till one day during Miss Chow's lesson, as i was chatting with P with my chair tilted in that common position, something happened..

Miss Chow walked towards us and with NO WARNING, she grabbed my right ear with her strong fingers, pulled me out of my seat, and dragged me out of the classroom. What violence! My chair fell too. Poor little boy's ear in so much pain cos of talking in class. Embarrassed. Heartbroken. I knew instantly we could never be. One of the worst moments i had in primary school.

So, what is the worst physical treatment you received from a teacher?



I just finish reading a very very long entry from a close friend's blog, someone whom i have known for 10 years. He wrote bout his childhood, a part of mine too. It got me a little teary as i start to think back, about those years that have passed..

In my early primary school days, i was a small sized big specs boy, uniform always looked oversize on me who's underweight. I didn't excel in my studies, i didn't shine in sports, i wasn't a fast runner when we played 'catching' during recess. There was nothing at all interesting bout me. I knew nothing bout playing music yet. I didn't know how to cycle. I had few friends; only some classmates - those short ones like myself who stood in the 1st few rows when we line up, and some who took the same school bus as me. I had a habit of saving my daily allowance. When i had accumulated enough, i would go to the school bookshop and buy as many things as i could. Rubbers, rulers, pencils, my favourite pointer, the one that teacher uses. And then i'll give them out to my friends in the school bus on the way home. We played games like 'scissor paper stone' and 'ji ko pa' and my presents will be rewards for the winners(for nothing). Think they liked playing with me then, when i was generous boy Samuel Wong. Sometime in those years i also remember a classmate - my partner who sat beside me in class. This silly boy would give me a portion of his allowance daily(for at least half a year), i forgot why but i liked him a lot. I hope now he don't remember me for that.

From primary four, it was compulsory to have an ECA, now known as CCA. I joined the chess club for a few weeks then hopped to science club. I knew nuts bout chess and science and i didn't have friends there. So i quit and joined football club instead since i had one good friend in it. His name is P. P is a fast runner and a good football player while i was the opposite, so we didn't practise together. During training and games, P was often on the ball while i could only try my best to get near the ball and kick it towards the opponents' side. Basically, i just needed the coach to mark my attendance and fulfill the need to have an ECA. I stayed in the club a lousy player till i guaduated from primary school.

In secondary school, i learnt the word 'sud', means cool. I wanna look cool and be 'sud'. I had new armani hairstyle. My hair was hard and high everyday. When i look around in class, the ones who's hair were more flat and like to study were not cool, those who tuck out their shirts and play soccer were more cool. Soccer was the international language in my school. St Andrews' a boys school. And so i joined my classmates for soccer most of the time during recess or after classes. I was still a lousy player. Each time we 'make team', i'll hope to be the captain. If i was, the 1st guy i chose will feel sad to fall in my team. If i wasn't the captain, i'll be among the last to be selected.

I'm gonna stop here cos i'm feeling really tired now.


NO Enough

Money, time, love or women?
Money - You have to work for it
Time - Only thing to do is learn to manage
Love - Be willing to give and you will receive
Women - Shouldn't even be in the list, but sadly, it is a problem that faced by many. Just look at the emperors of China, and our friend in Singapore. If temptation finds you, you have to overcome it.

What does doing right and wrong mean to you?
It is natural to do wrong knowingly, but it is wrong.
It is natural to tell a lie knowingly, but it is wrong.
Did you not tell a lie intentionally?
We have to be mindful of all that we do.


This Life

Can be a meaningful and victorious one, or it can be the total opposite. It all depends on how we choose to live it. Life is short! It began when i started breathing in mum's womb. I learnt how to crawl, then to walk, and talk. School days? Seems like many years ago. Soon, i'll be an old man riding my bicycle on the sidewalk, if i live that long. By then, would i be pleased with myself? And you?

Yesterday was amazing. Once in a lifetime experience. But i wasn't a good boy.



Something unusual in this pic. I wonder why?