NO Enough

Money, time, love or women?
Money - You have to work for it
Time - Only thing to do is learn to manage
Love - Be willing to give and you will receive
Women - Shouldn't even be in the list, but sadly, it is a problem that faced by many. Just look at the emperors of China, and our friend in Singapore. If temptation finds you, you have to overcome it.

What does doing right and wrong mean to you?
It is natural to do wrong knowingly, but it is wrong.
It is natural to tell a lie knowingly, but it is wrong.
Did you not tell a lie intentionally?
We have to be mindful of all that we do.


th-JESS said...

especially celebrities. once you're in the limelight everything you do have to be careful and watch what you say etc ;\

sexxie jaye said...

Hey sam,You sounds kinda emo nowadays,Everything alrights? (:

Adeline said...

very much agree with your entry!
women shouldn't even be in the list. reminds me of the jack neo incident!

quite sad you know! hmmms.

mm said...

sudden change of mood to serious topic :P guess as long as it doesn't go against my conscience & my principles, it's fine. wantin to do the rit thing all the time can be deemed as being anal by others, esp in work! people's opinion may differ...i tink it's who we lie to dat matters, lyin to someone close can be very tirin.

Sam Wong said...

I'm ok!