Angel To Wtich

You like stories? Especially those with negative content right? Tell me who doesn't know bout Mr Neo? Or Woods?

Here's another one from my memory space..

My good friend P and i were in primary 4a1 - a stands for am cos at that time there were morning and afternoon classes. In the classroom, tables were arranged in single rows. My seat was the 3rd one in the row against the windows nearest to the corridor and P was just behind me. It was a good location that allowed me to look outside of the classroom at teachers walking past and daydream. I would always lean backwards, with my chair standing on 2 legs only, the top of its back-rest sits on P's table, my legs dangling and knees directly under my table for another support. Can you visualize what i'm saying? Then P and i will talk, talk, talk and talk. And Jon who sat in front of me would tell us to be quiet.

There was a seriously pretty teacher in school, Miss Chow. WA. The sweetest thing and most happening of our time, every boy would have dream of holding her hand. Just holding hands is enough. She was our maths teacher that year and i loved maths for a while! Till one day during Miss Chow's lesson, as i was chatting with P with my chair tilted in that common position, something happened..

Miss Chow walked towards us and with NO WARNING, she grabbed my right ear with her strong fingers, pulled me out of my seat, and dragged me out of the classroom. What violence! My chair fell too. Poor little boy's ear in so much pain cos of talking in class. Embarrassed. Heartbroken. I knew instantly we could never be. One of the worst moments i had in primary school.

So, what is the worst physical treatment you received from a teacher?


Anonymous said...

A Teacher used her Red Pen to poke my head. The pen is still there now, only bad thing about it, its ink is dried now.

syl said...

Oh dear, that's a bit too violent! But at least, that made you learn your lesson right? Haha
Nah, me is obedient student, but I got bullied by my classmate instead. :(

PeiShan said...

haha! poor boy.
no wonder ur ears get red so easily now =X

flora said...

Haha... no wonder is from Angel to Witch. Your dream just crashed like this. Poor thing.
Why I don't have a prince teacher during my school days??

LiYing_Fion said...

Hahas.. Managed to visualised that part..
And all this starts making me miss primany and secondary schools days..
When there's not so much deadlines to meet..
Uni is 'da killer'.. >.<
Hmm.. Cant really think of a worst physical treatment as i used to sit alone in a corner and listen quietly.. Hahas..

YUJING said...

WOW. so did anyone of you managed to hold her hand? but hey.. she once hold on to your ear, in a painful way though.

ahemsss.. anyw, mr. Wong definitely won't be like miss. Chow barh?:-P

binz said...

oh like so sad. ur image of her totally vanished like instantly.

eh i remember my pri class ppl had to take the broom and sweep other classes and the corridor during lesson time if we din bring our things or never do homework! and my teacher expects like copies of handwritten photocopying of worksheets that we forget to bring. literally write and draw every single detail out.

th-JESS said...

haha worst treatment huh.. in my teacher's eyes i was a bad kid, and when my friend made a mistake, he called me out and scolded me and told me not to let my friend take the blame, but seriously i didnt do anything. bahhh. how sad, i was primary 6, but i hated that teacher so i always rebel him xD

maybe i was a bad kid afterall xD

-WHEY` said...

thinking back of my lower secondary school days (then, corporal punishments were allowed till i went into upper sec, like phew!), there's this teacher from the PE department, i think he's a saddist or something.. hear it to believe it..

this teacher Mr. K. is known for his corporal punishment, and i think its quite extreme, he punishes us using "eleplant walk".. imagine.. crawling on the parade square is quite an embarrassment already, and we have to lift and bend our right leg/knee upwards and craw.. although its not just one person getting punished, but a group, but it feels like we were worst than some animals! no wonder corporal punishments are banned in schools.. if this teacher were to give this kind of punishments in schools i think he sure get his "fame" in the newspaper..

corporal punishments WERE so popular back then, but this was the WORST!

rah said...

waa waa..
i think i gt worst treatment by teacher was getting a slap from my form teacher during primary 1 and in the end my face get swollen -_-

Adeline said...

I've heard of teachers slapping students. but it never happened to me though. What a punishment. slapping students!!! =.=

super angry when i heard it! the poor student's cheek must have hurt like crazy!

mm said...

U sound angry/fed up abt smthg, hope everything's alright now :) U r a funny boy. u talk so openly of cos kena caught. i was talkin behind my chinese book, still get caught. teacher threw a duster at me & my classmate. her aiming was damn good! those were the days when teacher was king. no wonder nowadays it's not my natural tendency to yak. childhood trauma :P

huixian said...

I got pinched on the face by my primary 2 form teacher in front of the whole class (for talking as well). And I still remember this incident 10 years down the road. Hahahaha.

♥Nicolette(: said...

I didn't encounter any physical treatment from any teacher but i witness one before.
Primary school,around 3years ago when i was in Primary5. i was in sports class so there was this day we have to do gym but we have to wait for the teacher to be there before we could use the gym equipments. The teachers had meeting that day so we run around and played in the gym while waiting for the teacher. When the teacher came into the gym and saw the students(mainly boys)running and playing he pulled the boy by the collar and bang him onto the wall and shouted right into his face. His back hit the side of the whiteboard. This boy talked back the the teacher almost bang his fist directly into the boy but he dodged it. It was super scary, and he only stopped when he asked our other sports class teacher into the gym to stop the teacher.

Sam Wong said...

Err.. I'm sorry. All the comments disappeared after some blogspot error.

That's good, nobody had bad punishments.

Anonymous said...

i remember my primary sch days,during primary 6 that year i didnt go to Bible class thought by my principal and assembly after school