The Little Things

For the past hour, I was busy killing cockroaches.
Killed 11 in total. ELEVEN. I'm serious. OMG. Its a record. 4 tiny ones and 7 big, some could fly.

The story..
As I came out of my shower, heard noises coming from the cupboard under the sink where the rubbish chute is. I opened the cupboard and realised.. Somebody forgot to close the chute, which allowed those intruders into my kitchen. And then one by one, appeared in front of my eyes, running around the kitchen floor like kids at the playground. When I got rid of the first 2, another one comes out. While I was waiting for no.3 to stop moving(after I sprayed at it), baby ones appeared. And it went on and on.

Thank God for bygone.



I lost my wallet today. Sigh.

Its Monday, Monday

..How ya feeling today Sam?

Pretty pleased with myself. Except very sleepy now..

Why so sleepy?

Got up at 640am today.

For what sia?

I had breakfast alone at Mac..

So how was classes?

Alright, the boys were cute. Sang very well for their age. Smart kids, teachable too.

You teach singing too?!

Yes I guess, since they're learning from me..

And piano right?

Yea, pop piano.

I wanna learn!

I don't believe you.

When are you going overseas?



Morning Rush

Common as it is, I don't get to experience this often because I'm usually still hiding under the blanket. But I did today! Got up before 7am. Standing at the bus stop, waiting for a bus that may not stop cos its already full. Even if it does, only the people who stand in front gets to squeeze themselves in. Time seems to precious when all of us are rushing. Alright, when I finally passed the bus challenge, next is the train challenge. Fortunately, this one is faster. In the train, I have many brothers and sisters. We stand close to one another, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm. At the interchange, we walk fast beside each other to the other platform.


Man In The Mirror

Waiting for the my hair to be trimmed.

The coming week will be start of a new chapter in this life. A short period of hard work will bring me to a different level. No disappointments allowed. Jia You!