Its Monday, Monday

..How ya feeling today Sam?

Pretty pleased with myself. Except very sleepy now..

Why so sleepy?

Got up at 640am today.

For what sia?

I had breakfast alone at Mac..

So how was classes?

Alright, the boys were cute. Sang very well for their age. Smart kids, teachable too.

You teach singing too?!

Yes I guess, since they're learning from me..

And piano right?

Yea, pop piano.

I wanna learn!

I don't believe you.

When are you going overseas?



Jean said...

Hahas, cute Q&A. and i wanna go oversea toooo~!.. need a break man! anyway take care and hope there will be some mlb events soon? :)

syl said...


mm said...

haha...interestin post...instd of monday nights, i feel sleepy on monday mornings. it's monday again tmrw! eh why only cute boys, no cute girls? anyway hope ure boys r happy to see u tmrw :P

gen396 said...

which music sch are u teaching at?

Sam Wong said...

I'm not with any music school, teaching on my own, on a freelance basis.