The Little Things

For the past hour, I was busy killing cockroaches.
Killed 11 in total. ELEVEN. I'm serious. OMG. Its a record. 4 tiny ones and 7 big, some could fly.

The story..
As I came out of my shower, heard noises coming from the cupboard under the sink where the rubbish chute is. I opened the cupboard and realised.. Somebody forgot to close the chute, which allowed those intruders into my kitchen. And then one by one, appeared in front of my eyes, running around the kitchen floor like kids at the playground. When I got rid of the first 2, another one comes out. While I was waiting for no.3 to stop moving(after I sprayed at it), baby ones appeared. And it went on and on.

Thank God for bygone.


syl said...

Hahahah!! Omg! I would have juz freaked out!!

Jean said...

bygone is also my best friend, with it, im not afraid of xiao qiang! :)

Sam Wong said...


sirong [: said...

Omg. You are brave !

mm said...

11! i once encountered 4 n i tot it's a lot. i m heartless even w the cute baby ones :P maybe w this record kill, s/o will ask u to endorse the insecticide.

YJ said...

nothing compared to seeing more than 50 :( Fogging of rubbish chute and somehow the smaller and medium sized ones managed to escape and ended up in my kitchen till living room!!

Sam Wong said...

I'm not brave, bo pian lei.

Little YJ is brave..

HappyKid;) said...

wow. haven been here for quite sometimes. happy kid miss you man:D hees!

wah, 7 new friends! cool. but all dead. well, yesterday I open my cupboard and I saw a big one, then guess what I do?
I close the cupboard! lol. and ask my bro to open it:D HOHOHOH!

ps. anyw, incase you got it wrong, "YJ" is not happy kid okay, ha.

Sam Wong said...

Hi happykid, my sis did the same to me before. =)