Appreciate Them

Sometimes i drag my feet, sometimes i walk with a slight limp. I'm referring to the last 3 days. At times they were SO PAINFUL, its a brand new feeling. That i decided to see a doctor, just now. Its my 1st time consulting a professional Chinese physician. I was relieved to know that its a minor problem, she said its common especially among the elderly. Oh, so i'm young man with old legs. I knew it. I overworked my legs, with my long walks and runs, and 60km ride? And also blood circulation isn't good. Listen up all who has the same problem - I was told by doctor to avoid direct contact with the cold marble floor, massage/press my feet at the part where it hurts, and soak my feet in hot water for 15 min a day - to help them relax. Of course i was given some medicine. Just took one packet, damn bitter, buay tahan. 8 more to go, i will finish them! For the sake of recovery, its crucial. I like to tell those who don't exercise - Maybe you should start soon or else when it comes a day you feel like doing so, you may not be able to.

Steady, goodnight.


On The Road 2

I stopped the car for 5 seconds to catch this.

Lucky shot at fast speed.. Castle on the hilltop surrounded by clouds.

Bent highway.


On The Road

Pictures i captured while traveling.

You could be listening to MP3 in the train, i do. Could be reading a book, i don't as it will cost me a headache. Could be looking left to right, ears alive to others talking across the cabin. Some people will stare into the newspapers that the person seated beside is reading. You can use the time for self reflection, YA? My in-ear-phones detach me from the sounds and happenings beside. If i close my eyes, i'm alone, and i may miss the stop. Sometimes i'm a busybody with the least noticeable movements. Sunglasses helps.


Sunday Evening

Take an elevator up a high rise building, stand at a point where you have a clear view of the surroundings. Feels great.


Late Night Ride

Mr B.W sent me a message yesterday evening to ask if i would join him for a long distant ride at night, starting from 11pm. Being the homely guy who prefers not to stay out so late, i wasn't too keen. But since i did not exercise at all in the past 2 weeks, i decided to go! My 1st time cycling with Mr B.W who's almost twice my age.. In singlet, shorts and slippers, i left home to meet him at Ubi.
When we met.. Oh.. Wa.. Solid road bike. And he's dressed like a pro cyclist with a safety helmet. Then i looked in the mirror and saw the SINGHA word.. CMI sia.

Mr B.W told me we'll be covering quite a long distance. I thought to myself - no problem la, just relax and follow.

We cruised through Kaki Bukit, Bedok, passed the beautiful reservoir, went around Tampiness, Simei, Expo, Xilin Ave, ended up on ECP.

Didn't wanna travel on the expressway but there wasn't a path, so we fell on the shoulder. Don't follow.

Into the far end of east coast park where there isn't a single soul in sight most of the time. I will never do this alone. SCARY. I'm scared.

Pictures were taken on the move, so not clear. One hand on the handle bar, the other holding the phone. I can go without hands too, haolian.

Changi Coast Road outside the airport by the runway, Changi Beach, Changi Village, Loyang then back to Tampiness New Town where we went around again, down Old Tampiness Road to Hougang, Kovan, Serangoon and finally to Braddell Road where we split at 3am.
I tell you this Mr B.W is FIT de. I RESPECT!
According to his accurate speedometer, we covered 55km from start point Ubi. After adding the distance to and fro home, i cycled 60km or more, in approximately 4 hours. One of my most happening ride in my own history of cycling. Felt SO GOOD.
I'm wanna zeng my bike, add a speedometer!

Damn happening..



I'm not.
The weather is.
Good. SO GOOD.



Thursday till now.. Don't have time for myself, don't like. Running and whatever form of exercise was missing from this 2 weeks of my life, don't like.
I reached home at bout 10pm, had dinner at almost 11pm when i was extremely hungry? Don't like.
I'm feeling hot and sweaty this moment, don't like. I'll love a bath tub now, don't have.
I actually limited myself to 1omin in front of this screen cos i still got stuff to do and i'm near dormant. My mind's shutting down already, ma body's like a piece of metal and the bed's a magnet.

I'm happy to know that he'll be fine. Don't worry. And i will be around as much as i could.