Thursday till now.. Don't have time for myself, don't like. Running and whatever form of exercise was missing from this 2 weeks of my life, don't like.
I reached home at bout 10pm, had dinner at almost 11pm when i was extremely hungry? Don't like.
I'm feeling hot and sweaty this moment, don't like. I'll love a bath tub now, don't have.
I actually limited myself to 1omin in front of this screen cos i still got stuff to do and i'm near dormant. My mind's shutting down already, ma body's like a piece of metal and the bed's a magnet.

I'm happy to know that he'll be fine. Don't worry. And i will be around as much as i could.


syl said...

Uh, me have no time for myself too. Sad. Whatever it is, dun worry..
And just Jia you!
Sam, you can do it! Cheers!

YUJING said...

.. all the don't(s).

take care lurhs(:

Ye Ling said...

Can understand how you feel when all ur norms are out of place when you yearn to do but have no control of it...加油!!Chill-lax...Take care =)

mm said...

haha dat was so funny! i m so sorry for u but but it was really funny :D i oso pretty much dun like the situation i m in. been complainin to everyone i meet :P gotta look on the bright side. Where? Where? i ask. argh...come hell or high water, mus rem to smile sweetly like this :) n make things work. aiyo, it's the time of the mth, pray hard i dun lose my patience n temper freely. stay cool!

yavonda said...

Woah! I'm finally back frm P4 Camp. LOL im not p4, but was a facilitator there HAHA!

Anw, ITS JUNE! Be Happy! Cos its june! =D

YUJING said...

i run, ermm.. 3 rounds around the stadium:D
seriously tiring.
but more to go.. once per week! part of my training for my CCA; Floorball(:


Yun Ping said...

Have a good rest ok?Haha..don't stress out!

sofui said...

hehehe, ur post is rather poetic and rhymes ya.. ;)

Sam Wong said...

Norms are out of place. Yea, kinda.

Where? Where? I understand i little but won't know the feeling. Stay cool, MM. =)

Facilitator. Steady. But its June so be happy?

Yujing, 3 rounds only?! U can do more!

Sofui, see ya back soon!

sofui said...

Ja Ja..itchy itchy ;p

yavonda said...

hehe haha cos june got holidays? Haha i dunno, can sleep for 12hrs better frm usually 5-6hrs can alr XD