Appreciate Them

Sometimes i drag my feet, sometimes i walk with a slight limp. I'm referring to the last 3 days. At times they were SO PAINFUL, its a brand new feeling. That i decided to see a doctor, just now. Its my 1st time consulting a professional Chinese physician. I was relieved to know that its a minor problem, she said its common especially among the elderly. Oh, so i'm young man with old legs. I knew it. I overworked my legs, with my long walks and runs, and 60km ride? And also blood circulation isn't good. Listen up all who has the same problem - I was told by doctor to avoid direct contact with the cold marble floor, massage/press my feet at the part where it hurts, and soak my feet in hot water for 15 min a day - to help them relax. Of course i was given some medicine. Just took one packet, damn bitter, buay tahan. 8 more to go, i will finish them! For the sake of recovery, its crucial. I like to tell those who don't exercise - Maybe you should start soon or else when it comes a day you feel like doing so, you may not be able to.

Steady, goodnight.


binz said...

yea man must learn to appreciate this precious pair of legs. i injured mine not long ago and now must go for regular physio and im actually missing running which i din really liked in the past!

haiyo bitter medicine? gulp it down at a go! and get the sour plums! hope they recover soon(:

pekchoo said...

Are you alright now.
Take good care of yourself!
Rest more ya =)

MIKO(: said...

seems like young people having elderly problems are common now.

exercise is good but rmb not to over exert! get well soon old legs! hope its alive and kicking by gathering day (;

Jean said...

Yeahs! i faces the same prob as u..tat day went to see TCM, they also gave mi some bitter packets of thing to drink, and pills too..lolx...even thought i'm quite young lah, but all old ppl organs and stuffs..lolx!

anyway u take care!=D

qq said...

u and my papa the same!!
he's having this problem too.. the many runnings, joggings, marathons etc causes that! so now he cant run and jog.. he can only have occassional brisk walks. i guess that's the price he had to pay for the trophies inside the cupboard..
but.. you are worse than him! at least he's old already, but you are still young!

YUJING said...

the emotions of drinking 苦口良药;
0: D: S: \: |: (:

take gooddd care mr. young sam!

Yun Ping said...

Exercising is a good thing,but don't over-exercising.Take good care of your legs ya?Get well soon.:D

Arkmoon said...

Hey do take care of ur leg...!! soak them everynight when bathing.. =D
ur leg will love u...


syl said...

dun walk so much next time bah.
take care huh!

hungry mm :P said...

sounds painful, take care! better now? maybe see western dr if the chinese med doesnt wk. my bro has smthg called bone spur. pain wn he runs, can only jalan...and he walks like he's a hippo on tiptoe :P hee better dun let him know i describe him like dat. def hope it's not dat or else it'll be an acute loss for an exercise lover like u. met up w a fren ytd who also had an injury to her leg, she was so upset wn the chinese physician told her cant run anymore. den she saw a specialist, who diagnose as a tear in cant rem wat, hv to do physio. most imptly, dr says still can run, she said she was so damn happy wn she heard dat. so yes, do take care n appreciate ure feet cos it takes u places. g'nite, wont it be great if makin ure stomach happy, makes ure feet happy too? :D

ellekay :] said...

i think im one of those who doesnt exercise.

get well soon!

Sam Wong said...

But i find it difficult to walk less.

you, you, you, you, you and you.
And you.