I'm not.
The weather is.
Good. SO GOOD.


syl said...

good for cycling huh? haha~

qIaNhUi said...

Yea The Weather Is Hot...
Heh ~

Sam Wong said...

I checked the dictionary for the meaning of this word HOT so many uses for it. Interesting.

qIaNhUi said...

Wow u even so free to go check dictionary eh... Funny lek u ~

Anonymous said...

the photo U snap.. all so nice de!
I think u can start some save money and invest a nikon ~


ellekay :] said...

i only see the bad part.
its global warming!

start/continue reusing, reducing, recycling!

sofui said...

hm, GOOD, so GOOD it made me feel nice & warm..swinging gently in a hammock..getting @.@..i heard the cocos swaying..but then realised, it's the cocos cousins.. =)

saw a pretty funny (?) tv advert..to be more precise, its actually a cartoon advert..a guy narrates in a dead-pan voice that people from the real world often visits the virtual world and live a 2nd life of sorts, blah blah blah till one day, the real world ceased to exist since everyone has moved to the virtual world..it ended with a skeleton sitting in front of the computer..sorry, bad @story telling..but at the end of the advert, i tot it was quite funny but abit disturbing..nt sure if that's the intended effect but it was all i cld rmb..msg? no eye deer lor ;p mayb it will happen? kkk

pekchoo said...

cycling again...

Enjoy yourself!

Drink more water ya.

Hmmm see ya during gathering.

Jane said...

Yah the weather is so hot! Drink more water and take good care. :)

Sam Wong said...

Thank you Krist.

Reuse, reduce, recycle. YES.

Hammock. Shiok sia Sofui.

YJ, don't disturb him ah.. =)

mm said...

random...i was checking the chinese dictionary the other day and came across your name. goodness, ure name is super auspicious lor. :D

Sam Wong said...

Super auspicious, thanks to my grandpa.