On The Road

Pictures i captured while traveling.

You could be listening to MP3 in the train, i do. Could be reading a book, i don't as it will cost me a headache. Could be looking left to right, ears alive to others talking across the cabin. Some people will stare into the newspapers that the person seated beside is reading. You can use the time for self reflection, YA? My in-ear-phones detach me from the sounds and happenings beside. If i close my eyes, i'm alone, and i may miss the stop. Sometimes i'm a busybody with the least noticeable movements. Sunglasses helps.


pekchoo said...

Nice Pics =)

Enjoy yourself!

wei said...

you really do have a thing for the sky don't you. :)

syl said...

i'm the busybody looking around and observing everything i can see. =X

ellekay :] said...

i dont read newspapers.
but am exceptionally fond of peering over other people's newspaper while they're reading.

Sam Wong said...

KPO number 2 and 3!

binz said...

yea i have this curiosity to read other people's newspaper too! there was once this uncle actually stared at me and turn his newspaper away after he caught me reading it!

sometimes it's pretty cool that when you 光明正大 and 偷听 the conversation ppl have, you realize you actually know the person that they are talking about!

Sam Wong said...

Small Singapore. KPO number 4!

ellekay :] said...

its even better to see people quarreling.
can learn new vulgarities.

PeiShan said...

mp3 on the train/bus is a must for me if i'm travelling alone !!

there was once i was in the bus and a uncle beside me was reading the newspaper. busybody me went to peek at it. and this was what he said before he alighted. "小妹,你要是吗? 报纸给你。"
i tio shocked sia =/

YUJING said...

KPO No.1 = SAM:D

sometimes, no KPO no FUN larh^^

Sam Wong said...

"its even better to see people quarreling.
can learn new vulgarities."

PeiShan, I think i was that man, you couldn't recognize.

PeiShan said...

ya. maybe hur. uncle sam !! -_-"
so next time must remember to give 小妹我 your newspaper, ok? =P