Late Night Ride

Mr B.W sent me a message yesterday evening to ask if i would join him for a long distant ride at night, starting from 11pm. Being the homely guy who prefers not to stay out so late, i wasn't too keen. But since i did not exercise at all in the past 2 weeks, i decided to go! My 1st time cycling with Mr B.W who's almost twice my age.. In singlet, shorts and slippers, i left home to meet him at Ubi.
When we met.. Oh.. Wa.. Solid road bike. And he's dressed like a pro cyclist with a safety helmet. Then i looked in the mirror and saw the SINGHA word.. CMI sia.

Mr B.W told me we'll be covering quite a long distance. I thought to myself - no problem la, just relax and follow.

We cruised through Kaki Bukit, Bedok, passed the beautiful reservoir, went around Tampiness, Simei, Expo, Xilin Ave, ended up on ECP.

Didn't wanna travel on the expressway but there wasn't a path, so we fell on the shoulder. Don't follow.

Into the far end of east coast park where there isn't a single soul in sight most of the time. I will never do this alone. SCARY. I'm scared.

Pictures were taken on the move, so not clear. One hand on the handle bar, the other holding the phone. I can go without hands too, haolian.

Changi Coast Road outside the airport by the runway, Changi Beach, Changi Village, Loyang then back to Tampiness New Town where we went around again, down Old Tampiness Road to Hougang, Kovan, Serangoon and finally to Braddell Road where we split at 3am.
I tell you this Mr B.W is FIT de. I RESPECT!
According to his accurate speedometer, we covered 55km from start point Ubi. After adding the distance to and fro home, i cycled 60km or more, in approximately 4 hours. One of my most happening ride in my own history of cycling. Felt SO GOOD.
I'm wanna zeng my bike, add a speedometer!

Damn happening..


sofui said...

night cycling! you completed the 60km in 4h! that's fast..and u still had the time to take pics while on the go?! super steady de lor..i cant even cycle with one hand let alone hands free ;p so u win lor, hands dw..kkkk..the last time i did nite cycling, we biked from ~11pm till the next morning ~6am ba..but we were a big group lor..and after half the journey, it was mind against body - mind willing but body not willing..and there was the sleepy bug setting in..was really a test of perseverence..even a gentle up-slope was intimidating..and the backside was aching..legs were like jello..still had to peddle on..what did i get myself into? i swear i will nvr do this again..but this was the 2nd time i'm doing it!..got safety vehicle la but didnt wanna give up so easily..will i do it again? nah, think i will pref to hv my beauty slp if was ever asked again.

isit true that part of old tampines road is er, kinda eerie? other than the ECP stretch, were you scared when u were on old tampines road?

er, your biking attire hor, is a recipe for ahem leh..shld at least hv a helmet ma and safety lights..but i dun recall if i hv a safety helmet on or nt..tink nt..smilez (sheepishly)..but i def hv safety lights on!..ciao ciao!!

pekchoo said...

:) having fun cycling in the night!

ellekay :] said...

what a lonely road...

and you two were just so nice to accompany it for 4hours!

*eyes big big*

Jean said...

Wah, really a long distances! would wan to try riding in the night too!=DD..so cool~!

and u passes by changy/loyang/tampines... so near to my house~ LOL.. kk..anyway take care!=D

Anonymous said...

***wave to ah sam ***
Greeting from HOngkong!=D
So happening lol....
Miss those places.....
How are you???
I'm doing pretty good in HK.
Feel free to visit my blog if u have time lol...
bye now,get back to work


yavonda said...

woah! The way you narrate sounds very adventurous! =D LOL I WANT. My bike has been there without me riding for so long already....

syl said...

Wah, so happening sia..
Giant must be enjoying it too! =D

Wendy Guo said...

Sam Sam~
60Km in 4hours,so厲害!!!!!
No need sleeping meh?Exercise is important,but you need enough sleep as well.
Take good care of yourself la.
Really looking forward to the third album.

Anonymous said...

looks scary ! but seems fun and it's nice to ride long distance at night isnt it (: at least it's not as hot as afternoons ! xD

flora said...

Want to zeng your bike? Start saving ba. I know a guy who spent more than $10k on his bike, keep changing the parts. Like the body lah, handle, wheels etc. Even the his biking attire, just like your MR B.W.

mm said...

sounds so fun! been like eons ago since i had nite cyclin. only did dat 2x, enjoyed it, esp deep in the nite, the entire rd belongs to the cyclist. Shiok man, esp feelin the breeze wn goin downslope! whee...i can go 1 hand but no hands, then the haolian one wins :P

Sam Wong said...

Ahem.. Mine's ah pek dressing. Back-light at night is a must. Safety vehicle sounds good. Old Tampiness road was very quiet, i definitely won't do it alone. Kena rob, jialat.

It was a really enjoyable ride, time well spent.

$10K.. WA. Cannot la, not even 1/10 of that!