Think i smile-ded a lot today, at the camera(unlike me, surprisingly) and at you, with mouth opened so wide, many teeth shown, top row, bottom row, 2 tiger tooth. Guess i was really feeling at ease. When i sat in front of the drumset, ooooooooooo.. DRUMS.. whack only.. OF COURSE IN TIMING la, i was listening to click, like how i always practise with ya drummers, students! I'm also a student ya.. Hmm.. Sometimes when i chat with somebody but my mind's occupied with other thoughts, i say the wrong things, maybe not wrong but i speak unclearly and unsurely, if you get what i mean. If not, nevermind.. Just stop focusing on the ear.

Still smiling, ?tired-ly?, goodnight!


Get Alive!

Late nights, early mornings.. Oh..
Where's the rest?
It's not enough
It makes the world go round and round oh..
Where's my rest?
Give me now
Don't make my world go round and round oh..



Sam at Chinatown.
No touch up. 100% natural.



Refining tunes, taking showers(i like), drum lesson preparations, brainstorm song/music arrangements, eXercise, tidying my bedroom to keep it neat, eating rubbish at random timings(often), checking never ending e-mails, thinking bout life and how to resolve unhappiness, self drum practice, trying to get enough sleep daily, thinking of how to style my long hair before i leave home, meetings with various people for work or discussions or relief..

Keeps me occupied!
Goodnight! =)


A Breather

He stood still on the beach at ECP, thinking of...
(My buddy took this picture, got a nice angle)


Cut Cut Cut

This is a no-issue Issue.
When i perspire, my head feels hotter.
As i run, hair tickles my face.
During a soccer game, i have to push my fringe away to see the ball.
I gather that my hair's too long.
I've been trying to do 上海滩 style but its always a failure. Even gel plus spray doesn't work. Ma hair still falls down.



This Is My Country

These are my flags.

I'm not patriotic, maybe only a little when i watch NDP.
But i'm a thankful Singaporean.


Shelter Fight

On a sunny afternoon.

When buddies turn hostile..

Round 1........FIGHT

Give up

The Winner

Sam lose..

Yea its quite 无聊. But you know i really like these pictures.
Memories that i keep.. Friendship i cherish..


Action !!!!!!!!!!!

I had a short jammin session today with some church-mates (not my dearest band which i'll be meeting up real soon). It was wonderful, probably also cos i haven't played the keys with a band in a long time. I'm looking forward to hit the drums too, feel kinda rusty. Recently i'm listening to a thai band. WA their music rocks!! Even though i don't understand a word. WA the drummer rocks!! I love his beats!! So inspiring!! I mean, to me la.. I'm having a headache now, it'll go away by tomorrow morning, i can feel it. And tomorrow will be a great day, i can feel it too.

Blogger's sick, it's not allowing me to upload pictures.. B00..