Action !!!!!!!!!!!

I had a short jammin session today with some church-mates (not my dearest band which i'll be meeting up real soon). It was wonderful, probably also cos i haven't played the keys with a band in a long time. I'm looking forward to hit the drums too, feel kinda rusty. Recently i'm listening to a thai band. WA their music rocks!! Even though i don't understand a word. WA the drummer rocks!! I love his beats!! So inspiring!! I mean, to me la.. I'm having a headache now, it'll go away by tomorrow morning, i can feel it. And tomorrow will be a great day, i can feel it too.

Blogger's sick, it's not allowing me to upload pictures.. B00..


syl said...

wah, thai ah?
haha, yes yes, music is an international thing. =)

Pek Choo said...

what thai band is that?
sleep early tonight, tml will be a better day..

th-JESS said...

blogger's been having problems nowadays, which thai band are you listening to huh ? share with us ! xD

binz said...

congrats! you are finally out of ur hse!

sometimes i think listening to foreign language song is great to analyze and enjoy the music! cuz wun be "distracted" by the lyrics since you dun understand it anyway.

hmmm i wonder where you draw ur power from to always be so positive!

YUMIN(: said...

sam's alright already.
YAY. (:
stay healthy & happy!

capri said...

woo-hoo, back in action!

Jean said...

Yeah, happy great day! and have a great day jamming=D

GNIJUY said...

Finally, you're FREE:D


rah said...

actually i also been listening to other songs with diff languages also. actually it really very inspiring to listen to it~ especially seeing those drummers performance on stage is really so so cool~ and tt when i really hope to learn from them also.. give me more inspiration meh~ :)

anyway hope u had been better yes..
take care ((:

Yun Ping said...

yeah,blogger these few days are a bit weird...can't upload photos on my blog as well..but ue can upload it next time:D

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam!

Don't think you remember me but i saw you just now! From the bus. Erm, don't know if i'm supposed to be saying where (think, 10plus pm at bus stop) but you were with Wei Qi and another guy. I don't know if the other guy was Nic though. Was he?



Sam Wong said...

"Potato" - the band i'm listening to. May not be your cup of tea, but at moment i'm SOOO into their music.

Bin, think bout the fortunate things in life, that's what i try to do when i'm down. 去跑步, sweat it out!

I remember your name, Xuena. What a coincidence man, that wasn't Nic. We just came back from dinner and a nice night swim after work. For me just a relaxing soak.

strat said...

Bin's knees got problem can't jog!!!

binz said...

yea yea thinking of fortunate and happy things does help abit! but haiyo me being a born pessimist, needa try harder~ 我也很想很想去跑步,但是脚的肌肉不听话,受了伤, 短期内不能跑步啊!

Sam Wong said...

Bin. I definitely hope your legs will be alright soon. Make sure you don't overwork them, do simple leg stretches(slowly) daily? Don't know if it helps but i'll do that.

Strat, get well soon too. My turn to say, drink more water and have sufficient rest.

Sam Wong said...

Oh.. Jia you Bin!