Shelter Fight

On a sunny afternoon.

When buddies turn hostile..

Round 1........FIGHT

Give up

The Winner

Sam lose..

Yea its quite 无聊. But you know i really like these pictures.
Memories that i keep.. Friendship i cherish..


strat said...

Oh... Sengkang !!!

Pek Choo said...

lol... pics :D
lose again~
try harder next time~

syl said...

hahaha~ lame lah!
climb so high ah!

Jean said...

WOah..lyk funny sia..lyk storyboard~!..hahas=D... and thanks for sharing the photos with us..and how did u guys climb up there sia!!haahhas=DD

capri said...

wahahaha... climb so high!

th-JESS said...

cute ! hahaha ! whr is that shelter huh ?

And grats ! you've finally recovered and can now hug the sun's warmth !

capri said...

wer is tis park btw?

Yun Ping said...

Hahas..are ue the one wearing the reddish-orangey shirt?Hahas..then who's beside ue?Hahas..can't believe ue two are fighting in that place,but the place is nice,btw,where is that place?I love the view there and I want to go there too!:D

binz said...

im amazed by how you guys managed to get up there! feels cool to go up to the roof~ if the 'fight6' pic dun use hand to support, but use 腰力 to stay in that position, woah will be damn 厉害!anyway 大病一场后,好像受了一大圈!要补一补啊!

qIaNhUi said...

NO1's a loser, as long as u've tried ur best...
Anyway YOU just WON something isn't it.?!?
U just win the battle with that *%&$#@#%& H1N1 *CHEERS*
~ Take Care ~

Uncle Phil said...

Wow... what a nice place to settle out your unhappiness? hehehe...
Aiyo Sam, of course you lost lor. You are not 100% recover yet, so better don't play play ok? hahaha...
Please take your revenge, after you are fully recovered & healthy!
Shall wait for your revenge shots and make sure you don't lose again, ok? hahaha..
Yea.. you are finally back in action. :)

PeiShan said...

ohmygod! street fighters!

GNIJUY said...

fighting fighting.

Sam's jumpingrunningfighting:D

YUMIN(: said...

that's so cool man!
butbutbut, bad example ah.
climb until so high! :x

mm said...

haha u n ure frens v bored hor, even act out a fight in pictures. great u r inspired by a band u discovered. i get v excited wn i discover some band song dat i like. hmmm...hvnt been uncoverin anythg dat i like for some time oredi, hope i hear smthg dat catch my attn soon. hope u got reunited w ure drums by now :)

WeNdY said...

Haha, so funny, let me think of street fighter;)

Jane said...

I was lol when i saw the pics here. Opps. U look like smiling at some of the pics. Haha. Be careful. Where is this place?

Take good care. :)

liting said...

You'll went up and play?? Thats cool!! xD
Anw, are you recovered from your sickness? If not, hope you get well soon!!
Take care!

MIKO(: said...

so u had a photographer doing the job? or u tripod-ed. lol.

i smell ip mun. haiii yah!!!

WeNdY said...

Hi, Sam,

最近我的心情不是很好. . . :(

But the song you sang "無形的翅膀", cheer me up a lot, each time I heard, my mood will be much better! I can also repeatly heard few times per day, also wont felt bore:)

I love this song very much, the feeling you put in to sing, two word "ExCeLlEnCe & ToUcHeD"!!!

P.S: How is the progress of MLB 3rd album? Looking forward to MLB 3rd album release soon! Take care ya;)

Sam Wong said...

Yea its Sengkang. Park.

I think most young guys can climb around, i used to do that a lot when i was a boy.

There were 3 of us, just hanging out and spending guys' time together..

Thank you Wendy, you cheer me up too. There's room for so much improvement and i aim to do better.

Yes Anonymous, i believe you can. Let me know if you do, and i'll check if they've received. I don't know, but don't spend ya.


capri said...

nice park!