My Bus Ride Home

Halfway.. BANG!

Tio bang i mean..

Number plates are not published to protect the victim's identity.



Sling Bag Assassin


Two Suppers A Night

After drum lesson just now, i went over to Bugis Street, eager for my hot egg white with fresh milk pudding. Sadly, the stall wasn't open for business. We settled for another cafe that sells dessert. But i ordered a full meal instead - Shredded chicken with salted egg porridge + zhu chang fen + chinese tea. YUM YUM. (don't judge by the pic)

Leaving this place after 10pm, we landed in Geylang at 11plus - Eating again

Somebody asked a lousy riddle during this supper.
"A lion stood beside the river. Then came a group of people who walked close to the lion. They were afraid. Why didn't the lion eat them?"



Do you like to stay at home? Why do you find staying at home boring?
Why do youngsters like to go out? Why do they return home so late?
I enjoy staying home. I stayed at home today. There was so much to do. Apart from housework.

Got a sudden craving for dessert. A hot egg white with fresh milk pudding.. OMG!
Sigh.. Have it in my dreams. Goodnight..



On CNY eve, we should get up early. The family will stay home, do household chores, spend quality time with one another. Let it be a good beginning of the year!



Did ya know that soaking your feet (around ankle level) in warm water helps you to relax and gives you energy? That's what i'm doing now.. =)


Bye Purple

Something looks err.. big in this pic.
Each of us have a deepest secret.



".. all my troubles seem so far away.."

Rare Sunday that i stayed home whole afternoon, with my family. Occupied myself with never ending housework, did my own laundry, played with 2 cute kids who came to visit (with their parent of course) and jumped around everywhere including my bed!!

I'm usually out there somewhere on Sundays, either with my siblings or friends. Doing what? What do we have to do in Singapore? Only eatdrink. Or else just do nothing together, look at each other and talk crap, business plans and world issues. They call it 'chill'. Err.. Very nice to 'chill' meh? LOL. Think i can open a Chilling Kopitiam since i'm a fan and everyone's doing it. Alright, just entertaining myself.

Have a great week Singapore!