On CNY eve, we should get up early. The family will stay home, do household chores, spend quality time with one another. Let it be a good beginning of the year!


syl said...

Yeah yeah, it's the time to Chiong everything before mid night hits. Haha, busy busy day.
Happy tiger year!:)

-justtlovee- said...

Yupees.. wake up early to do cleaning for the house.. While cleaning, listening to 迷路兵songs wont make me feel tired but full of energy.. Anways HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR EVE AND HAPPY VALENTINE EVE!!!!! =)

Pek Choo said...

Happy new year! Huat Ah ... :-)

shihui said...

yea, spending quality time with one another is a pleasant thing to do; ii treasure every moment! c;

so, what's your reunion dinner will be?


th-JESS said...

have a happy day with your family! tuan tuan yuan yuan ;)

PeiShan said...

wah lao! 8am sia! im still in my dreamland at that time la. =/

happy lunar new year!
it's your year hur. tiger wong =P

Jean said...

Happy chinese new year!=DD..
collect lots of ang bao! :)))

flora said...

Happy lunar new year!

JIAHUI said...

新年快乐! :)

mm said...

i tot is CNY den gotta wake up early. success comes to those who r prepared so ure family gonna be successful since u guys r prepared for CNY :P hey tis ure year! happy n good beginning of the year, lil tiger! :D P.s. where u hide ure bolster??? :P

WeNdY said...

Sam, 祝你新年提钱(前)快乐!1314168(一生一世一路发)!恭喜发财 + 虎年行大运喔!!=))P.S: The music of love(MLB) is playing in every heart:)Happy Valentine's Day 2U!! ;)

Sam Wong said...

Tiger ROAR~

Wa -justtlovee- i'll try listen to that and clean the house too.

My reunion dinner this year was with my grandpa, parents, sis and mentor, a simple fare prepared with mum's heart.

Yea Peishan, 8am sia. I was not born in the pig year! HAHA

No bolster MM, don't need one cos i like minimalism. And only i woke up 1st.. So not so successful. =)

Cheers all!

YUJING said...


anyw, your bedsheet is exactly the same as my parents one! hahahah:D

PeiShan said...

eh! u trying to say me isit?? T_T
neither was i born in the pig year ok -.-

mm said...

haha 没有!!怎么可以。。。哦我实在太三八了。

Sam Wong said...

三八.. LOL

Adeline said...


oops =x i guess my comment came late.
was in beijing!
how's your cny? :D

Sam Wong said...

Never too late Adeline.