My Bus Ride Home

Halfway.. BANG!

Tio bang i mean..

Number plates are not published to protect the victim's identity.


th-JESS said...


shld i or am i allowed to say COOL SEH.

rare 'experience' xD

Ed.L said...

should show the carplate num ma... then can buy 4d... :P

syl said...

I only encountered bo engine halfway..
Hah, such a lucky day huh!

Darren said...

Luckily it's not a big crash haha. Try buying 4D on the bus number, perhaps you might win big LOL.

mm said...

Ure ride home is so eventful! U mus be alright, aft the bang still can pose for pic :P eh...magician, how did u manage to get out of the bus to take pic when the other passengers are still on the bus?

yavonda said...

Wah lol! Poor bus captain...Haha
Ahhh march hols are coming but i rather it not come! Time's passing like -too fast!- and its so stressing!!! =(

Sam Wong said...

Yea, 1st time in 23years was in a bus and met with a minor accident.

4D, can't win de! Or else i SURE buy!

Bo engine?! U mean bo petrol?!

Now u know i'm a magician, MM. Walking thru an open door isn't difficult. LOL.

Don't be stressed yavonda, eat ice cream. =)

capri said...

wow... wat hits d bus?

syl said...

okay okay, i mean petrol! xD

Sam Wong said...

A black car travelling at 136km/hr.

-justtlovee- said...

wow... the black car travels at 136km/hr... no wonder will have accident and the bus will become like that.. scary sia.. :(