Bye Purple

Something looks err.. big in this pic.
Each of us have a deepest secret.


Jean said...

something looks bigg??

are u refering to ur stomach orr?? hahas..

th-JESS said...

no more purple?

blue's gone, now purple's gone too. mlb's rocker image is gone ;(
but mlb still rockers in our hearts! [and eyes xD]

-justtlovee- said...

Yupees... Everyone have their deepest secrets including me... Nobody can ask ok know unless he/she willing to tell... :) Seeing you relaxing yourself, I feel envy of you... I working from mon till fri, weekend study for exams.. After exams then can relax but 3 weeks only,then work and study again... This is just poly life... :)

mm said...

Bye bye purple. Bye bye blue. wat looks big? i click on pic, look left, look rit, look up, look down. cant find. yuan lai it's dat BIG! :D Never good to hv secrets, it burdens the heart. though at the same time, i feel some things r jus none of other's business! :P Dig it out, it wont be so deep anymore :D haha corny, i know. Hv a good week ahead!:)

binz said...

aye. used to not really like the purple right at the start, but kinda sad that it's gone now after it started looking nicer!

Pek Choo said...

why did you dye back? I still prefer u to have Purple Fringe! heex~ xD

capri said...

bye bye purple... so wat's new?

v soon it's gg to be cny... lesser mood tis yr, but i still look forward to d long wkend!

Sam Wong said...

Smart Jean, its the tummy!

Nice Jess.

Corny's good mm.

Bin & PC, you'll get used to the more human looking hair in no time.

Got more spams in the comments, weird..

Long weekend, all happy!

Adeline said...

Finally you're blogging :D
long awaited entry!

Jean said...

But seriously i don think it is big!... hehex.. anyway take care and enjoy CNY and Vday.. =DDD