Happy New Year!!

(Edited on 1.1.2009)
When asked this question in an interview yesterday, our reply was - for world peace, a better economy, more people doing charity to help the less-fortunate people around the world that we don't see.

On a personal note, i wish to be a better person, to be a better person to the people around me. And to earn lots of money.

"So many feelings in the last few days, yesterday.. Like daisy High low, but fortunately in the end steady la. I'm amazed by all of you. Really support us all the way, a place to another, a year to another.. Thank you."


Short Assembly

4 thin and not very tall guys.
4 pairs of soccer shoes - 3 Adidas, 1 Nike
3 balls - 1 Adidas, 1 Nike, 1 Mizuno
At a car park.
2 on 2.
Intense perspiration.
A moment ago. Damn shiok.

a side note, i feel old.
Just minutes of running
and i couldn't carry on.


Long Time Ago In Bethlehem..

大家好. Merry Christmas!!

This year's Christmas for me is so different. We went caroling! Where at? GEYLANG. I would say it was an amazing experience. Carrying my guitar under the rain, with a group of bout 30. Everything else aside, we really wanted to be a blessing - to anyone around, to people who have never been exposed to the true meaning of Christmas. We prepared 500+ small gifts, none left! =) Whether or not the people (mostly foreign workers) understood what we were saying or singing, i think they appreciate the gifts. I felt 'touched' (can't find another word) to see these people smile so happily. What an amazing experience!



Good Days

Friday night was nice. We had a ball kicking session, JY, Gene and i. We used to do this during school days. Though already tired from a long day. In the quiet neighbourhood. 2am, we were still chatting, and kicking. No, we weren't noisy. Others need to sleep. As we get busy in our individual lives, it isn't often that we can spend such quality time together..

Saturday was a good day too. I learnt new things.
I saw faces of supporters i haven't seen in awhile.
I've got many thoughts but i don't know how to express them in writing.
Anyway, i'm once again reminded to appreciate the people around. Even those i don't often meet.


Plain. Fulfilling.

My past week's packed..
Work. Fun. Family. Buddies. Music. Eggs?
Those are what i've been busy with.
And the things that keep me going.

Its common that we take for granted many things.
-Family - i'm guilty of this.
-One's ability and talent - when you don't make the best of it..
-Home, shelter you can always return to - this one's quite similar to family, how do you contribute to your home?
-Friends who are around when you need them.

Christmas is coming! Date that marks the birth of Christ.
Christmas to me is the most meaningful season of the year. A time to reflect on yourself. A time to care and share. Perhaps its a good time to remember people we've missed out.


Drum Up!

Been teaching for awhile le.. Found 5 students from this blog, and more to come i hope! I'm not the best drummer, but i give my best when i teach. Seems like its working out for me.. Wanna say thank you to a big brother who push me from ground zero to starting lessons, my buddies who gave me advice, the group of them working with me, my efficient coordinator and always supportive YW and also to my students who give me feedback. I'll learn along the way.. Am i talking like its a great deal? No la.. I actually taught music here and there in the past, but this time just feels different. I'm pleased to have keen learners who i impart my 'little' knowledge to. When i see that they gain something after each lesson, i feel contented. Heureux! Like the heros in DOTA, i hope to train them from level 0 to maybe level 15? If you are already a level 4, i'll up your level to 20? OK i think too much. Maybe you wish to stop at level 7, that's fine too. =)