Long Time Ago In Bethlehem..

大家好. Merry Christmas!!

This year's Christmas for me is so different. We went caroling! Where at? GEYLANG. I would say it was an amazing experience. Carrying my guitar under the rain, with a group of bout 30. Everything else aside, we really wanted to be a blessing - to anyone around, to people who have never been exposed to the true meaning of Christmas. We prepared 500+ small gifts, none left! =) Whether or not the people (mostly foreign workers) understood what we were saying or singing, i think they appreciate the gifts. I felt 'touched' (can't find another word) to see these people smile so happily. What an amazing experience!


Jean said...

so cool..going around to give gifts=)..anyway merry christmas to you!=D

rah said...

great that u spent ur christmas in so amazing way yeah :) glad tt u enjoy urself also.. =)

unlike mine. been a lonely christmas..LOLs! bt oh well. just take it as just one normal day to rest at home instead.=/

take care yo! haa.:D

wang xinying said...

WHERE u al go?

Anonymous said...

A meaningful thing to do in Christmas.

MIKO(: said...

wow! must have been a great feeling. carolling. i've always only been an audience.

syl said...

wow, that seemed cool!
边走边唱 issit?
think it's really fun! esp with a big grp of peeps! =)

qIaNhUi said...

Wow... Wat A Special & Meaningful Christmas Spent! How I Wish I'm There Too =X
HaHax I'm sure those ppl will appreciate u guy's efforts de! =)

S m i L e z . . .

JIAHUI said...

Wow. Thats cool. What a meaningful christmas you had.
As for me, I've to work -.-
Hope my wishes did not come too late!

Xiang ping said...

wow..that's cool man and also gd..hehe=D..Btw..Belated Merry Christmast to you...hehe=D...take care ya..

Pek Choo said...

Hello SAM,

WOW~ you have a wonderful Xmas experience & enjoying yourself!!

Jiayou for upcoming countdown events!!


Take care

See you next lessons~
Tml going abroad again...

♥ XiAoLaOsHu ♥ said...

mErry Xmas.