Drum Up!

Been teaching for awhile le.. Found 5 students from this blog, and more to come i hope! I'm not the best drummer, but i give my best when i teach. Seems like its working out for me.. Wanna say thank you to a big brother who push me from ground zero to starting lessons, my buddies who gave me advice, the group of them working with me, my efficient coordinator and always supportive YW and also to my students who give me feedback. I'll learn along the way.. Am i talking like its a great deal? No la.. I actually taught music here and there in the past, but this time just feels different. I'm pleased to have keen learners who i impart my 'little' knowledge to. When i see that they gain something after each lesson, i feel contented. Heureux! Like the heros in DOTA, i hope to train them from level 0 to maybe level 15? If you are already a level 4, i'll up your level to 20? OK i think too much. Maybe you wish to stop at level 7, that's fine too. =)


syl said...

glad that you enjoyed teaching~
maybe you'll find a new passion~ =D

Xiang ping said...

Wow..恭喜你..From zero student to 5 students to let you teach drum..Jia you keep it up,if my friend want to learn drum i ask my friend to join your member de haha=D..OK take care cya..

rah said...

heh heh.. :)

i am so glad to found a very good teacher .. thank you! at least my love n passion for drum is BACK AGAIN :D hahas.. like i did say to u before.. all thanks to you..my confidence had been back to 50% at least.-.-" lol. hope to get it all back in 100% form.. :D

been learning a lot from u too^^
thanks thanks~ i think even 1 million thanks also nt enough~ :DD

i shall look forward to the nxt lesson den. heh!

jiayou le lor sam laoshi! haa :D

Jean said...

i also wanna learn drum from you..but don have the spare time!=(..busy with studies and projects..~!..but maybe next time during break or holiday can go and learn from you..

jiayou and enjoy being a teacher!=D..take care.

JIAHUI said...

Hey Sam! Thanks for teaching us with patience! :)
I want at least a level 25? Haha~

drummer-to-be said...

at level 4, dream to reach level 20. Gets nervous before fills, cannot keep constant time. Still at it. Wish me luck, teacher!

Pek Choo said...

YEAH~ Really have to say have lot's of fun!!!
Great job!

See you soon =)

MIKO(: said...

haha. hear all the random thoughts running through your happy brain. (:

Sam Wong said...

Wa you all cute ah. Thank you for being kind to me. 都很乖, 很好, see ya soon!

Jane said...

Glad that u enjoyed teaching. Jia you! Take good care ok? Hehe. =]

Anonymous said...

u isnt thinking too much...
u try to improve them
is a good thing lol....
Hope to see you soon !

singyin said...

then me ley? hahaha, i also got very 乖 right! :D
i want level up to 20 also! :D
And yep, like what Jiahui said, thanks a lot a lot for teaching us with patience.
Im glad to have a teacher like you.
THANK YOU! hahaha.
See you tmr! :D

MIKO(: said...

are you eating zi char now? hahaha :D

Vics said...


Good luck with your lessons. I do hope for more students for you. Like you said you gave the best, I think that is what your student wants from you! haha

Chill out sometimes and catch up!

Sam Wong said...

Ah.. Miko.. What's with zi char??

Thank you dear Mr Vic, may we both enjoy our lessons, i look forward to biking with you. Hmm.. We're just an sms away.. HAHA =)