Happy New Year!!

(Edited on 1.1.2009)
When asked this question in an interview yesterday, our reply was - for world peace, a better economy, more people doing charity to help the less-fortunate people around the world that we don't see.

On a personal note, i wish to be a better person, to be a better person to the people around me. And to earn lots of money.

"So many feelings in the last few days, yesterday.. Like daisy High low, but fortunately in the end steady la. I'm amazed by all of you. Really support us all the way, a place to another, a year to another.. Thank you."


gene said...

to gay with you more in 2009 than we did in 2008.

Michellee said...

Sam ah ,
Why your ears are always red ah ?
It was great seeing you on okto yesterday .
Another thing , your you-know-what very obvious ley . Cause you eat ice cream , then the you-know-what damn obvious . Haha

xin ying said...


syl said...

yeah, happie 2009! =)

min. x)) said...

HAPPY 2009! :)
have a great year ahead.

jiahui said...


Jean said...

to buy a car!lolx..=DDD..
anyway happy new year=)

peishan said...

happy new year !!

qing qing said...

happy new year!! :)

Pek Choo said...

Hello Sam,
Back from holidays~
Happy new year to you!!
Enjoy 2009 throughout the year....

Ziminnnnnn X3 said...

Hello sam,
Firstly Happy New year =)
I was at boon lay watching you guys preform. And I was standing at the stairs when you guys left boon lay.
Secondly does Nic and Weiqi have blog?
Thirdly, Hope you have an enjoyable year

Jenies said...

earn more money!
And pick up more talents :D

Happy New Year to all and Sam!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, cheers to you and your wishes!

BELIEVE in MIRACLES! Jiayou for 2009!

rah said...

resolution for the year 2009..
seeing everyone of u all be healthy and HAPPY always :D perhaps shld say postive? hahas. ^^

for myself is to able to have more confident in terms of playing drums. muha! :X which i hope i can lar hor laoshi! XD


shihui said...

*to make an end is to make a beginning*
may ur new beginning be full of fun and excitement!
may you be an even better person in this brand new year!
HAPPY 2009! =D

lets jiayou tgt! way to go~

qIaNhUi said...


Sam Wong said...

Erm Michellee.. I haven't figured out the true logical reason why my ears turn red. =)

Jean. Buy a car? Serious bo? Not easy lei..

Ziminnnnnn X3 - Nic and WeiQi don't have personal ones, but you can go to www.milubingmlb.blogspot.com where you will find updates from all of us.

Cheers everyone!

yuanping said...

happy new year sam! :D may ur new yr resolution come true ya..smile! :)

Jean said...

HAHA!i think its not easy too,so shall wait for dad to sponser instead?oops..

so other new year resolution shall be everyone to be healty and happy everyday/moment and minute!=D..

and hope 1st day of 2009 have been great for you!take care..

meikian said...

you're welcome (:
it's been a long time.. and another year has passed..
happy new year too! didnt get a chance to say that to you properly so i had to shout while we ran. kinda 'image spoiling' but well, it's COUNTDOWN MA! jus gotta enjoy for the night. crazy day though..
more smiles in 2009.. a better world.. better life. (:

angie said...

H N Y!

now i kn u like to play peek-a-boo.

thanks for the surprise.

and ya, twice!

Michelle said...

Aiyoh !
Actually , you say wrong ler ley !
Your ears , they don't turn red . You're wrong with th turning part , because they always are .
I've never seen them being normal before , haha !
Okay , it's something i noticed lah , Haha .
Maybe because you take out ear studs & such , Do You ?

Ziminnnnnn X3 said...

Thanks =)

Sam Wong said...

Hmm.. Don't often wear ear studs..
I don't know.. Will let ya know if i find out.

No image spoiled. =)


capri said...

Greetings fm TW... Happy New Year!

shihui said...

you sure no image spoiled?!
mayb you were busy running too.
you shld hav turn ur head and see wads behind the scene. -_-

Michelle said...

Haha ! Okay ! Thanks .
But it's kinda normal , I also like that , hehe .
That's why always kena caught .
Just that yours is 24/7 derhs !
Haha !
You arhs , funny !

Jane said...

Happy 2009!! I hope world peace and be happy.

Anonymous said...

can i ask u somethin ??
why don u smile so often ?

Sam Wong said...

I'm pretty conscious of how not to expose my braces when i smile. Maybe its a habit, though i like to see others smile.

May i know who's this?

meikian said...

the whole scene that day was probably, crazy. and maybe scary. marathon? maybe we shd try that next time. i bet we can all compete. ^^

till the next time!

Anonymous said...

oh .. i am jus a girl tat likes mlb very much !!! go MLB !!! i am thinkin of joinin the fanclub but b4 tat i will like to ask if the outin or gatherings ??

Siew may said...

Hellos saw u at boon lay countdown that day hahas nice performance :D

Sam Wong said...

Thank you for your support.
We had gatherings before, organized by our ICs and other steady gals. =)

Halo Siew May.