At Home

Going out for dinner now. (830pm)

"Kolo Mee" followed by normal fries and curly fries from *** which didn't taste as well as usual.
Back from dinner at 1105pm.

I walked more than 17,000 steps today. (stepping drum pedal not included)
To stay fit and healthy, 10,000 steps a day.


Pek Choo said...

Hello Sam,
Enjoy your late dinner =)

shihui said...

hey, almost forgot to ask u,
have u recover from ur irritating throat?

Sam Wong said...

I'm fine ShiHui, thank u. Throat gets dry easily after quite a bit of talking, ktv too.

shihui said...

you are welcome!
staying under air-conditional room will make our throat uncomfortable, so do drink more water k. =)

syl said...

17000 steps! that's really a lot..
did u really count it? haha. i think i would lose count~

gene said...

if only my life was as exciting as yours

Jean said...

wahs,u counted it??...
17000 = how many km???hahahs..
was walking around orchard today,and saw a board outside hereen,showing u all have event on next sat!=DDDD

-WHEY` said...

hey sam!

so thats how u keep fit? 17,000 steps.. you actually counted? haha..

peishan said...

you actually counted how many steps you took ??

btw, think i saw you yesterday at 8 plus .. wearing black top ??

Michelle said...

Sam ! Enjoyed Your Dinner eh ? Obviously , haha .
Hey , i wanna ask some question .
I know it's pretty dumb of me ><
But why do drummers always have to wear earpiece ?
Haha , drink more water & takecare

Xiang ping said...

Hey Sam,must drink lots of water..And take care your health ya...See ya soon..Tonight must watch CSS 3...3 of you are performaceing rite....Jia you ya...

MIKO[: said...

lol you have the step counter thingy? and what's kolo mee??? -_-?

Jane said...

What is kolo mee? Haha. Drink more water. I also coughing with itch throat. Take good care sam. =]

Sam Wong said...

Hmm.. I like to walk walk. Not shopping, the walk walk in the park kind. Recently was just thinking how many steps i actually take in a day, so..

Example - From my home to the supermarket nearby to buy stuff and back - about 1200 steps

- In my HDB flat home, starting from kitchen, walk around naturally to cover every bedroom corner and back to kitchen - more than 100 steps

Take a train to Orchard MRT. Walk to Fast East to buy a pair of jeans then to Taka for lunch then to Cine for a movie and finally back to Orchard MRT - easily 10,000 steps le

Rough figures, i can't tell you the exact number cos it varies. If you're bo liao, you can try counting and tell me.


Yes Pei Shan, you saw me. But i didn't see ya.. =(

Michelle. Drummers usually listen to a metronome(a tic tok sound in constant tempo). This is to keep up a constant speed.

Kolo mee is Sarawak's signature noodle dish. It is a variation of "dry-tossed" noodles, but it tastes distinctively different from the dry-tossed wanton noodles that we are used to here in Singapore.

syl said...

haha okiee..
wad an analysis! lol

peishan said...

haha ..
i saw you at the busstop and i was in the bus at the opp .. of course you didn't see me la ..
kolo mee is nice !! i tried the one with curry before =)

Michelle said...

Wah sam , busy ah ? Your reply damn long , haha !
Thanks for answering my question !
Haha , you ah , like nothing to do de ley !
Like to walk walk nia , long time no cycle ?

Rah said...

maybe one day i am so bo liao..
go and count the steps i walk from my hse to SPH ? LOLs!! -_-"

i think halfway through sure lost count ya..hahahaha..=P

very interesting.. hehe..XD

Jean said...

ooohhh,so i guessed i walked more than 10,000 steps on saturday...from orchard mrt to far east to hereen to cine to taka to wisma to orchard mrt!woah~hahahs=DDD...

and drink more water these few days,been quite hot ah,anyway take care!=D

serena :D said...

HEY!remember when you army that time,at keat hong camp,got this guy named ming kuei,yes,he's my brother,he say you guys having reservies soon,so do take care while having it (:

MIKO(: said...

same old miko here. just that my desktop cannot type a proper smiley [: but my lappy can! (: so sam where can we taste kolo mee in singapore?? nvr eat before one day must try hoho.

ning said...

hello sammmmmm :D

awesome job at countdown, you've earned yourself a new fan ^^v

i've always wanted to learn drumming but i never got down to it.. ohwell. nice to know that people do get to live their dreams!

keep rocking.. and drumming!

yuanping said...

sam! i salute u man! u actually estimated the number of steps sia! super zai..i doubt i covered more than 1000 steps per day, cos i spent most of time slping.. :p hahaha..u take care k! cya soon! :)

Sam Wong said...

Halo Serena, of cos i remember your brother. We sort of spent 2 years together. =) But don't remind me bout reservist.

Miko. You can find kolo mee in several places. Marina Square, Bukit Timah, Toa Payoh Central, Chinatown. These are the ones i know, not a hardcore fan..

Thank you Ning!

Salutes back!

xin ying said...

u nvr o school meh?

cx & someone said...

Yesterday we passed by SMU but didn't manage to see you guys there.
jiayou for tis SAT gigs!

See you guys this SAT =P

Jane said...

People wont think he will be siao de lah. Haha. When i walk around places if i saw moon or what pics that i like to take de, i will take the pics de. Hehe. Hmm ppl will look at him/her but dun care the person loh.

Toa Payoh Central got kolo mee? Which floor got sell? Haha. Thanks. Enjoy urself this sat! Take good care. :D

Sam Wong said...

I'm not studying at the moment, don't have to go to school.

The kolo mee stall is located on ground level, behind the shops opposite Ya Kun.

Jane said...

Thanks for replying. Hehe. I thought is located at food court or what. Haha. Never eat b4 will try it de. Thanks again.